Hi RZIM Ministries. I’ve been a “fan” for 10 or more years. Now that I’m retired, I would love to be more involved. In fact, I’m going to fill out the online application as I am moving to the area, currently staying with my brother in Lawrenceville until I do.

I’m originally from Augusta, GA. I moved to South Carolina to be with my SC husband. As of now, however, we are in the sixth month of our divorce. He decided he didn’t want to be married anymore, so it was an amicable separation.

I’ve been gifting RZIM for several years now. I get so much out of Ravi’s teachings that I felt led by the Lord to do so.

And now, as stated above, I hope to become an active member of the organization in the very near future.


@Sandy Nice to meet you!


Hello Sandy thank the Lord for your heart. It is a rare gift but much desired. Look forward to seeing you around the site. Blessings


Hi @Sandy, welcome to connect :slightly_smiling_face: I’m sorry about your divorce but am inspired by your desire to serve in your retirement years. I pray the Lord will bless you and fill your soul with joy as you as you move forward :pray:
Take care and enjoy browsing through this forum :heart::slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome aboard @Sandy. So glad you have chosen to join us here at connect. I too am sorry for the marital choice your spouse chose. I am a divorce attorney so I know deeply the pain and unsettleness this causes. If there us ever a chance for reconciliation please do not hesitate to reach out to me as i try desperately to help in that regard. But given there is life after divorce and you are called and made specially I wish you the best. Enjoy your time here. Feel free to voluntarily help welcome members as they come here. God-bless you and your journey.


Hey Sandy,

I am glad you have found connect, and are excited about becoming an active member.

You mentioned you are retired, what profession have you retired from? :sunflower:


Hello, Sandy :slight_smile:. It’s nice to have you on Connect. God bless you!