Sara Ramos

Hello all, I am glad to join these group, I hope it is enriching for many in our path with God.

I am from Colombia, and I wanted to connect because there are some things that I would like to know more, to learn to grow, and this can be a great opportunity to do so.

I want to contribute with an active participation


Sara, may you feel as welcome as I have sharing, learning, and showing what real love and truth does for us. Many wonderful caring people are here to engage with respect all the questions we have and those that answers bring out. Hello from way up in WV USA, enjoy your journey my sister and please take care out there.


Hi Sara, yes, that is the case! I look forward to your questions and contributions to the community. Please do feel encouraged to start new conversations here.


Hello Sara, welcome to Connect. Your contributions are definitely an enrichment for our community, be it a question, an answer or your personal opinion. Connect is definitely a great way to learn and grow. Just click through the different categories ( e.g. Daily Evangelism or Bible Questions ) and join the discussions. God bless you!

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Welcome aboard @SaraRamos. Thanks for coming in to connect from Columbia. Your goals are great ones. I’m glad that you want to be active here. I hope to read your posts and be involved in answering questions. God-bless you and your journey.