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What led you to join Connect?Thank you Ravi

How do you hope to contribute?Gratitude
Ravi, I cannot hope to express so well and as beautifully as so many of these letters have done the gratitude and love I have for you and your family. As God’s timing is always so perfect all I can do is marvel at the timeliness of your ministry in our world - so so many changes in our culture combined with aggressive opposition…(I turn 60 this year, and have watched these startling changesin my culture occur during my lifetime) - and here you come along, in obedience to God’s calling, and confer on us the tools we need to meet these challenges. And encouragement, and leadership. And God has clearly blessed and enlarged your ministry…all because you Followed where He led you. I am crying tears of selfishness because of course we all want your gentleness, humility and life to continue to be in our world. I’m praying for your family to have a million moments of joy with you filling up the days you tarry here. For wonderful periods of sleep, for absence of pain, for peace that passes understanding. There is no doubt in my mind that because of the foundation that you have laid with RZIM it will continue to be an organization that God uses to bless the world. He is ever able.
From one human to another - THANK YOU RAVI. Ever so much.


Hello @Sarah_Connor,
Welcome! We are so glad you joined us on Connect! Your tribute to Ravi is beautiful, and full of truth. God’s Presence in Ravi’s life has indeed produced abundant fruit, and like you I believe his ministry will continue to bless the world! He has lived the life of a devoted servant of the Lord.
Connect does have a thread started specifically for notes to Ravi. Would you like to copy or move your message to Ravi there? Here is the link:

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Oh dear, thankyou for letting me know! I copied & pasted to #thankyouRavi. I will try to delete this one…:wink: Sarah

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Hi @Sarah_Connor We welcome you to this great community. We are grateful you have joined us.

Thank you for your kind and touching tribute to Ravi. I know he and his family are so appreciative of what you have shared.

We welcome the chance to get to know you better and look forward to our future dialogues. Thank you again for your post.

Grace and peace to you,
Mary Beth

@Sarah_Connor, this is a touching tribute. Our tears say more than our words ever can, and I know Ravi will be touched by what you have written.