Sarah G. Formento

Hi everyone!:heart_eyes: I’m Sarah G. Formento.

Where are you from? I’m from Philippines.

What led you to join Connect? The two main reasons why i join Connect, to touch lives for Christ, and to hear from other diverse community about thier testimonies, wisdom, and experiences about God’s word.

How do you hope to contribute? Three words that i would like to share, first word “collaboration” collaboration within diverse people but with one purpose to unite in sharing God’s word. Second word “empowering” through this, we can empower other people, by means of our professions, skills, and resource. Last word “connect” building relationship with those who are not yet know Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour.

Hoping for more collaborative, empowering, and willing to connect individuals for Christ.


Welcome Sarah,
You said you wish to collaborate with diverse people with one purpose. Thank you for bringing your diverse background to the Connect family. I hope we can help you in your walk with Christ. But we too have much you can share with me. As I learn of the faithful in other cultures, it has helped me to “grow up in the Lord”.


Glad you’re here! Looking forward to your contributions…



Nice to meet you Sarah!


Thank you @Daren.

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Welcome aboard @Sarah_Formento. Your intro was awesome. Love the collaboration, empowering and connecting share you provided. Many here need all of that. Please share more. God-bless you and your journey.