Sarah Küssner

My name is sarah and i‘m from southern germany:)
I just finished the core module! This got me motivated to look more into these topics and gain some more knowledge and experience in apologetics:)
I‘m excited to share some of my past experiences with you, and hope that i‘ll learn a lot more about fitting biblestories/verse in „how to evangalize“



Welcome Sarah*:heart: My mom was from Regensburg Germany. I hope to visit there someday soon.


You’ll get all of the Connect Germans but my grandparents came from Hamburg. My mother’s maiden name was Ziegenfuss.

I hope the experience is rewarding Sarah. Keep in mind that there are various groups as well. I’m in one that is Bible memorization and a parallel thread for prayer for the memorizers and their concerns. Check it out at How and Why to Memorize Scripture

Blessings to you!!


Welcome aboard @sarah.kuessner. What a blessing the core module is. So glad you have joined connect. What was your favorite part about the core module? You will be a great addition to connect. The information and foundation that you have from the core module will be a great assistance to many here. Please participate often. Good luck with some of the additional electives if you choose to do more. I really liked the why suffering elective. God-bless you and your journey.

Hello Southern Germany!

Welcome! :slight_smile:

Hallo und herzlich willkommen, Sarah :smile: I am happy to welcome someone from the beautiful south of Germany. Recently @malte and @maximilianlang introduced themselves here.
This platform offers excellent possibilities to deepen the contents of the core module and to find answers to different questions together. God’s blessing.


Guten Tag, Sarah! Wilkommen! Wie bist du? Ich habe familie aus Deutscheland! Bavaria, um genau zu sein.


Welcome, Sarah! The core module is a great course; I loved it! Are you interested in taking any electives? I am thinking about taking the elective on Islam soon! Glad to have you aboard and am looking forward to reading your thoughts and insights on different topics!