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My sister is a part of the Eastern Star order (as was my grandmother), has been for quite a while. I’m flying out to see her for her birthday in June, she’s also being initiated for a position of some sort while I’m there. I want to be supportive but the more I read about this organization, the more twisted it looks.

Do you all know much about this?

I really need to be prepared before I go visit her, she can be really belligerent to talk to sometimes. She goes to the episcopal church and I know we have some HUGE different views on very important issues.

Thanks for your time!

(Sieglinde) #2

Welcome @Sophie :slightly_smiling_face: Wow, I am glad you asked this question! I just had a customer come in to my shop and order a sign pertaining to this. I don’t know much about it except it is a Masonic appendant so I am looking forward to some knowledge on this.

(Keldon Scott) #3

Welcome aboard @Sophie. So glad you have connected here. I hope your time here is a blessing to you. I do not know much about the Order of the Eastern Star. But, in reviewing some information I think your concerns are very warranted. Check out I just prayed for your visit with her. As Colossians 4:5-6 guides: Live wisely amongst the ungodly making the most of every opportunity but let your conversation be gracious and attractive . . . I pray protection against her belligerence. May God Grant you wisdom and understanding and may the Holy Spirit guide your words and actions during your visit.

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(Sarah Acosta) #4

Thank you so much for taking time to look into this! And thank you for your prayers, I so appreciate them.

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(Sarah Acosta) #5

Thank you for taking time to look into this and for your prayers!