My name is Saravanan. I’m 35 years old I’m from India. I was born in hindu family.
Because of my immoral life i came to Indonesia 4 years ago. I continue to stay here without proper documents. 2 years ago i came to know christ through a Philippine woman. She had sent me a Bible. I started to read the Bible. At first i did not understand. After that I searched bible study in YouTube. I learned that I’m a sinner. Before i came to Christ i was a person who act like a innocent outside but inside of my heart I’m a very very dirty person. Few months ago while i was bible study in YouTube i saw Ravi Zacharias sermon video. I started to listen his sermon. His sermons help me to grow strong in my faith in Christ. Especially in this Muslim country. And in this lonely situation. I learned many things from his Q&A programs. I have wasted my 20’s and now almost 30’s. Now I’m trying to go back to India and tell to my family and people about how JESUS has changed my life. I’m fighting against my fear. I hope i can learn more here . I hope it would help me to grow in Christ and to tell people about Christ. And answer to the other religion people’s questions about Christianity.
Thank you. God bless you


Hi Saravanan. Welcome to this wonderful platform.[quote=“Saravanan, post:1, topic:20461”]
my fear. I hope i can learn more here . I hope it would help me to grow in Christ and to tell people about Christ.
[/quote]. Yes you will definitely learn so much more from this amazing platform.
God bless you.


Welcome to Connect, Saravanan. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Thank God: He found you and saved you in a country where only a few people want to know something about him. And now HE will be at your side, in your fears and wherever you go, giving you courage and confidence. God’s blessing!


Amen. Thank you so much for your encouragement. God bless you


Hi Saravanan! @Saravanan
So glad you’ve found us :relaxed:
You are already brave and already given courage as you have sought out the Lord and have read the Bible. I’m so encouraged by you!

I’ll pray for you today to have a new sense of boldness and peace in your heart to be able to share with your family… I can’t begin to know how that feels within a Hindu family context. But, I believe in a God who can do the impossible.

Keep searching and growing as you interact on this site- lots of wisdom to glean here.

Be blessed, Saravanan!


Thank you sister. Thanks for your prayer . God bless you.


Welcome aboard @Saravanan. Glad to have you connecting with us. God bless your time here and your faith journey.


Thank you sir. God bless you