Hiii!! It is a great blessing to be part of this environment with all of God’s people.

I am from the beautiful and vibrant island of Trinidad and Tobago!
I have been following the RZIM on YouTube for about a year and the teachings have changed my thinking and lifestyle.
My hopes are to learn more about God’s Word from your experiences but also to share my walk with the Lord with all of you as well! I hope to bless and inspire someone in some way. God bless all of you!


Glad to have you here Sashti.
Thanks for coming aboard this journey with me. I am in WV USA born in 1954. using technology that can share over 1000’s of miles and find fellow believers is wonderful. We will be blessed by your input, Iknow you will be also.The Lord be praised.


@Sashti Nice to meet you!

Welcome Sashti! May God use this platform to help you grow in Him even more.

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Hi sashti . Welcome to Rzim connect. Happy to have you here. God bless you

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Hi @Sashti, welcome to connect. Thank you for your heart in wanting to bless and inspire. Please do feel free to share with us. I trust you will enjoy browsing through the conversations , offering your thoughts and insight :pray:t3:


Welcome aboard @Sashti. So glad you are here from the islands. Fill us in how God has been so revealing. I look so forward to you sharing you story and the truths revealed to you. God-bless you and your journey.

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Hello Sashti,
Welcome to RZIM Connect. I bran new myself. May the Lord bless your RZIM endeavor, and may you yield the Lord much good fruit.

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Thank You @mgaplus4

The pleasure is all mine.

Thank you all @ammu @Saravanan @sig @Keldon_Scott @klineeric


Hey Sashti,

So are you Priya’s sister? if not, two perspectives from Trinidad/Tobago are going to be great!

Blessings, Lorri

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Lol… Yes we are sisters from Trinidad! We are definitely happy to share our experiences from the beautiful Caribbean!


Hi Sashti, welcome to Connect, greetings from indonesia, I’m a new member myself. It’s amazing & encouraging for me to know that people from around the world are so passionate in learning about God’s word!

God bless you


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