Satan's Existence Debated

Regarding a response on YouTube about Conversations With Neale Donald Walsch About God and Other Things, I sent a reply with Scripture to a person’s statement that Christian’s and the Bible beliefs in a devil is an ignorant fool’s fairy tale. I was confused by his counter reply as follows: “After you correct the194 Bible contradiction and the 17- Qur’an contradictions but that is not possible so CLEARY i am already blessed because i know the truth of Conversations with God: an uncommon dialogue > the dictation for the world which shows up in my own experience so i don’t need to search for truth when i already know the truth but good luck in your ignoring it and your needing to lie about Neale which is clear proof that you like pushing the lies of the man made religious agendas.” Can you please help me with a response, or should I just let it go? Thank you for your help.

Personally, I think it’s better to let it go. Most of the fruitful conversations happen one-on-one and in person. So it is usually helpful when they are with you and you can talk to them face to face. But that doesn’t mean you can’t participate in any online threads. But from what I can understand from this person’s comment is that he is not open to a conversation. He sounds rather provocative and final. So continue to pray for him but I wouldn’t suggest engaging him with this line of thought.

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Yes I agree with @ammu. Let it go. It is difficult to debate with somebody hostile in person, and even more difficult when they feel invincible and untouchable behind their screen. I have also tried to engage Muslim’s in the YouTube common section.

How’s this for a comment:

"…your god will save you from deadly poison and poisonous snakes please I challenge you to do it but if you refuse my challenge then yourself actually doubt that the teachings of your book and then surely your faith is false!

Oh yeah when you accpect my challenge please send me a video for the proof to my telegram @------

Good luck man! \(^o^)/"

Yeah that an a lot of other incoherent claims:

“Jesus was no God, but a messenger, and the fact that you can’t refute me proves my point”

" It is a messed up notion to think God would come in the form of a human to Earth and get beaten to save his own creation. Tell me why that would happen. Oh, nevermind, you can’t, because it is just false rubbish that you were tricked into believing in."

This is what I got for simply asking for historical proof of the claims made in the Koran, and quoting a few scriptures such as Jn 14:6. (And admittedly being a bit hostile)

Overall, it is not worth it and I actually regret giving what is holy to the dogs. They become angry for a reason, and it is probably because they are under the wing of Satan: besides their book tells them to be friendly to Christians on the outward, but curse them in your heart… and this is only one example of many Christian hating passages in the Koran, and even to the extent of receiving, I think its 70 (maybe 72) virgins in Paradise if they are martyred for allah, especially Christian and Jewish wives if I’m not mistaken. (The same supposed reward given to suicide bombers). :frowning:

This same principle applies to angry Atheists:
Mt 7:6
“Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.”

They all need our love, and it will be difficult to deliver that through a comment section!