Saved more than once?


I understand the meaning of being saved, and I have been saved before. Since then, I feel like I have become much closer with God, and I have fallen madly in love with Jesus through His word! Yes, I have already accepted Jesus into my life and into my heart, but since my faith has grown so much since then, should I save myself again? Can I do it alone?


@OJMCKEE. Your exuberant post just makes me smile all over! What it seems you are describing is the Joy of the Lord. Something that we all know of. Something that you share with all who know and love the Lord. I always say its better than french vanilla ice cream to my soul! The more I know of GOD the more my soul thirst for Him. You can find repeated instances in the Psalms telling how King David reached often for that fellowship. How it was sweeter than the honeycomb.

But the great news is that the joy of the Lord will continue to embrace your life as you cleave to Him. Even better news. You did not save yourself the first time; so don’t worry about doing so a second time. Salvation is the gift given to you from the sacrifice of JESUS and the heart of GOD. Just keep yielding your heart to Him.

Scripture admonishes us to contend for the faith that was once delivered to the Saints. (Jude 1:3.) The love just grows deeper as you continue to seek His face and to know His will for your life. (Matthew 5:6.) Living for the Lord is not anti-climatic after receiving salvation. It is stone upon building stone.

Living will provide many distractions and obstacles to your relationship with JESUS. Rejoice before the Lord whenever you can. Even through the tears, reach for your joy! We will not live here long enough to receive all GOD has for us. But oh the joy as we strive to receive as much as we can.


Thank you for your uplifting words! There is nothing sweeter than the joy of the Lord. I just want to praise His name from the rooftops!

I completely agree about life being a distraction. That is why I live by 1 Corinthians 10:31: “Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the Glory of God.” :heart:

Have a great day and God bless! :pray:t3:


Me and some of my friends sometimes jokingly refer to this as the difference between “being saved” and being “for real saved.” Again, this is totally tongue in cheek. A person who has not yet had this experience is certainly born again. I only say that to mean this is the point at which we truly felt the fire in our hearts! Once we said the sinner’s prayer we were saved, but for some of us it took some time (some longer than others) for that fire and passion to really consume us. Some, like me, even took a hiatus between my first confession of faith and the renewing or rededication of my faith. I wouldn’t say you needed to be “born again again” or rebaptized. But, I do know people who really felt they wanted to mark this new beginning with a baptism. I don’t see anything theologically wrong with that.

So happy to hear of your passion and zeal for God! Makes me think of Psalm 51 “Restore unto me the joy of my salvation.” I pray this prayer when I feel my passion slipping.


Thank you for the uplifting words! I feel as if something is “missing,” and after you mentioned Baptism, I realized I have never been Baptized before, only saved. I am currently working on being Baptized at my church, but I didn’t really understand how much I needed it until my heart desired to be closer to God. Thank you again because, through Him, I believe you may have helped me find the answer to my question! Maybe this is why it has taken me so long to be Baptized. Maybe it was because God saw my future, and He led me to a path to be Baptized in His perfect timing!