Savio Monteiro

Hi from Dubai!

Am not sure how am I going to contribute but am sure this alumni will help me further strengthen my faith and understanding.

How does on explain rebirth in the Hindu Worldview and given the number of real life experiences where people were able to recall people, places, knowledge, skills and events with uncanny precision


Hi, Savio! Welcome to the Connect group! I’ve been on here a couple of weeks and am impressed with the thoughtfulness and willingness of folks to help each other. I am unequipped to answer your question but am confident others will be able to help.

God bless you!


Hello, @monteiro_savio, and welcome to Connect! I’m glad you’ve joined, and I’m looking forward to you jumping into discussions. You’ve asked a great question - why not create a separate post for it, so more people can see it? This could help you get started.


Great question! My friends have a ministry in India and we talk about Hinduism a lot. I’m looking forward to traveling with them to learn more about that system of belief and meeting those ensnared in its lie and darkness.

Have you been given any revelations?

Grew up a Christian in predominantly Hindu country so you can’t escape the influence of their world views. The belief is based on the concept of a soul and Karma. It’s a long discussion but to keep it very short the objective of each one of us is to purify our soul by doing the right things ( karma and dharma ) which can be a challenge given that we have been given free will and are also driven by our sensory needs. At the end of one’ bodily life on earth the soul is not pure and ready to become one with the almighty, then based on karma the soul is born again.

Based on Vedic astrology which derives the chart based on date and time of birth and location. The astrologist are able to drawn up a chart that allows them to tell the life of the person in consideration. His likes and dislikes. Their mental and spiritual attributes and on and on. I have experimented with this myself and have been shocked as to what the astrologer was able to tell me things about myself and my family.

Why should this worldview be termed as darkness. Why can’t we accept both views