Scales on the eyes and deafness in the ears

Good evening Gentlemen,

My question may seem forward and a direct shot at nonbelievers in the audience, in my mind as a simple Christian with no denomination, is truly that hard to believe that this loving of thyself, and the Luciferian lies of vanity and glamour, which are predicted in revelations are totally irrelavent to are current society? With this gentlemen, is this literally scales on the eyes and deafness in the ears? If that is the case gentlemen, how can any conversion take place?, I know that sounds like I’m doubting the Creator, or the redemption of Christ, but I’m not I’m doubting man. Gentlemen, I doing apologize for my meandering question.


Good morning @Googie. Thank you for connecting with us and asking questions. It’s a very good question but I think the Acts 9:18 gives hope. When Jesus was was made apparent the scales fall off. Isn’t that a bit of the witness we bring to every skeptic, doubter, atheist, etc.? Light granted by our care, kindness, and message given with gentleness and attractive speech. We see the scales on the eyes and the deafness in the ears, but we live wise amongst those who dont believe. We prepare ourselves to give salt for those who seemingly do not believe knowing full well each have questions and need redemption and hope. Grab a starfish in a world of apparent hopelessness and place it back in the ocean with a caring gesture, kind word, and biblical witness til the scales fall off as they did for Paul with the knowledge that Jesus is there waitng for each to walk down the 21st century’s road to Damascus.


Outstanding answer Sir. Thank for meandering with me in Christ’s parable simplicity.

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