Scientific Manifestations Of A World Moving Towards Judgement

As Christians what scientific manifestations of God’s wrath should we expect to see becoming more frequent in a world moving ever closer to God’s full judgement each day ?
For instance should we expect more frequent viral pandemics ?

                      " ..make atonement for them, for there is wrath gone 
                           out from the Lord, the plague is begun...
                           And they that died in the plague were fourteen thousand
                            and seven hundred."
                                  ( Numbers 16:47-49)

The “wrath of God” happens when God withdraws His restraint on the evil forces at work on earth and in the heavens. Evil is self-destructive, if left alone it would eventually implode.

In the OT evil forces are equated with chaos. Genesis 1:2 describes how the earth “the earth was chaos and waste, darkness was on the surface of the deep” (Tree of Life Version), and the rest of the chapter describes how God brought order and system to things - introducing functions and roles, for example giving the Sun and the moon the responsibility to “rule over the day and night respectively.” He introduced “times and seasons,” put boundaries on the wild seas (in ancient middle east, the sea was considered a metaphor for chaos), separated the “waters above” from “the waters below,” established the plant and animal kingdoms, separating creatures of the sea, the land and the sky, and brought order to procreation and the process of “filling the earth.”

In Romans 1 we learn that when people refused to acknowledge God for who He is, nor appreciate (give thanks for) His sustaining role, His faithfulness, His generosity, “he gave them over to…their sinful lusts.” This phase appears many times, describing a sort of “redemptive withdrawal” of his restraining function, (in the hopes that people would repent and turn back to Him) with the result that evil forces are able to do their thing for forcefully and openly. Since even the natural world was affected by the Fall it is also subject to evil (physical) forces - you’ll find examples in the Bible, where God " He gave over their cattle to the hail, their livestock to bolts of lightning." (Ps. 78:48)), or even biological hazards as in " he did not spare them from death but gave them over to the plague (Ps. 78:50) When societies don’t follow the basic rules of common decency and morality " he gives them over to the penalty of their sin (Job 8:4) based on the rule “you reap what you sow” or “those who live by the sword will die by the sword.” Violence begets violence. Build your house in the flood plain, and you’ll get flooded.

So we bring judgement on ourselves - God doesn’t have to do it for us or to us. I have worked most of my life with natural resource management (and especially related to land use and management) and can give “zillions” of examples where our greed and mismanagement of resources have led to disaster after disaster. If we refuse to follow the advice of our Creator, we should expect to get the results He predicted. And yes, there is lots of scientific evidence of the earth’s natural systems responding predictably to our extreme misuse of its providence. Just don’t blame God for it - we give ourselves over to the (destructive) forces of nature. Since we are doing it more and more - on a wider and faster and larger scale than ever before, we can expect to see the response in more places, more frequently, and in greater force than ever. It’s going on in front of everybody’s eyes, if they will just open them and look!

Thank You Mohembo ,
It sounds like you think as the world becomes more and more a global community moving away from God & towards judgement that the " destructive forces of nature " will increasingly respond in kind by being global in their impact .
Much like the current pandemic
God using one small animal , a bat, to bring the world to it’s knees.
I concur .
Kind Regards & God Bless

One invisible (even to an ordinary microscope) semi-live virus … the small, even invisible things of this world confound the greatest of nations and best of its scientists … just as God said.

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