Scott Bush

Hello All,

I’m Scott Bush, from Memphis Tennessee. I just completed the core module and am looking forward to continuing with the courses, learning, and reviewing/re-enforcing what I have completed. Im joining at a very sad time, losing Ravi. My family is thinking and praying for all of you who knew him.

I look forward to helping in any way i can.



Welcome to connect @wsbush86. Thank you for coming alongside us. Congratulations on completing the core module. How did you like it? Was there anything in particular that impacted you more then something else? I do appreciate all Academy alumni who join here because you are trained to listen and to provide encouraging guidance. Your help in this regard is so much very appreciated. God-bless you and your journey.

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Thank you. Looking forward to the dialog. There was so much that I learned during the course. The lectures were inspirational, my fellow classmates were wonderful. The experience strengthened my knowledge and confidence to discuss religion without confrontation. I’m looking forward to learning more. Thanks again.


Welcome @wsbush86. So glad you are here. Thank you for your kind words. Let’s continue his legacy and save many more souls. Look forward to chatting with you. Feel at home.

God Bless you.