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Hello, my fellow alum; please forgive my late introduction. I have had a connect account for some time, but have not been as active as I would like to have been. Though, I am attempting to remedy my lack of activity, better known as procrastination, by becoming more intentional with my participation in this wonderfully exciting forum that RZIM has so graciously provided for continued discussion and discipleship. Plus, my wife recently told me that though she loves me dearly, I need to make friends, because she finds most conversational topics dreadfully boring…lol. Don’t worry, we have a wonderful relationship, and do have an excellent conversational life; we differ in our particular intellectual passions, or, perhaps a more accurate statement would be, we differ in the degree of intensity of particular intellectual passions. Lord knows she is quicker, smarter, and more talented than I. She is undoubtedly a saint, sent from God Almighty, and she reminds me of this fact often. Her favorite quip following a period of “intense spiritual fellowship” is, and I quote, “And…God looked down at the man in the Garden and said, ‘it is not good for man to be alone,’” smirks, and walks away. I love her and am grateful God allowed her to be my wife.

I was born in a small city on the border of Illinois and Wisconsin, called Harvard (IL), though my parents were living in a neighboring town called Henry, due to its small size it did not have a hospital, so I came into this world in Harvard as a consequence; I did receive a trophy for being born though…I did, and it is the only one I was ever given…lol.
My mother and father eventually quit working on the dairy farm in Harvard and headed south to my mom’s hometown of Canton where two of my brothers were born, and raised along with me.

I became aware of Connect following my completion of RZIM’s Core Module and was excited, and honored at my invitation to be part of this forum for continued discussion; so was my wife, though she wishes I made greater use of this forum…lol; and so do I.

I am passionate about exploring this beautiful reality God has gifted to us and equally fervent about fruitful dialogue between believers, and unbelievers alike. A former atheist, nihlist, myself I have reaped the benefits of such conversations when a Christian (brother now) took the time (became my friend, and did life with me dispite our differing views) and talked to me honestly, poingnantly, and full of conviction of the truth of the Gospels while allowing me room to question, challenge, and investigate without taking our disagreements personally, or, allowing them to render him actionless. May God bless him for it, and all who come bearing good news.

Whether views are shared, or, not, we (humanity) should be able to disagree with each other in the same respect we agree with one another, fervently, honestly, and respectfully.

If we fail to host and achieve contructive dialouge, we are nothing more than “noisy gongs.”

Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction. I look forward to many amazing conversations.

God bless,
Scott Dockins

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Welcome to Connect, Scott! :smile: It is so encouraging to hear your testimony. While you may have procrastinated joining Connect, I have procrastinate in my other duties by joining Connect, haha. Anyways, we are thankful for you to have joined us, and I look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

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Thank you for the warm welcome!

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I really enjoyed reading your testimony. You seem to have a great sense of humor and I love the endearing things you say about your wife:)

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Greetings Scott! It is not even 9AM and you have made me laugh. Looking forward to hearing from you more. -Mitch

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Thank you brother. I spent most my life in a perpetual cycle self pity, and alcoholism. I find it dangerous to take myself to seriously sense as a human I am prone to egocentric prideful behaviors, that being self worship…lol.

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I am a female but I am laughing because you are not the first to refer to me as brother. I guess I need to find a profile picture…lol! Yeah, I get the self pity thing. I spent some time at that party too!

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(Tabitha Gallman) #8

Hey @scottdockins27. It’s good to read your intro and know you are part of this community. :slightly_smiling_face:

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