Scott Rogers

Hello to my Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

My name is Scott Rogers and I recently moved from the Atlanta, GA area to Montrose, CO USA.

I have been blessed by RZIM for many years now and I am hoping, in some small way, to bless others.

I have been so richly blessed in so many ways and yet, it has been a rough five plus years now. Never during this time have I felt abandoned by God. If you have ever had those special seasons of closeness with God, you can better understand how hard the seasons of silence can feel.

I long for Home!

Yours in Christ,


Welcome Scott, glad you’re here!


Welcome, @S2a2zrog!

I hope you can feel again that fire from our Lord.

Here you will find many encouraging posts!



Hello Scott Rogers,
I`m Scott Baggett, WOW that is a move from Atlanta GA to Montrose CO. We just drove through Atlanta 2-days ago. That traffic, yikes!
Always remember, when each individual is facing “Afflictions” Jesus is preparing you.
Scott B. has lived a life of James 1:2-6 & Romans 5:1-5. “Joy of facing trials”, why joy? We are to look forward to Jesus taking us through the “Afflictions”. On the other side of Afflictions, comes endurance/perseverance, proven character, and after proven character comes “Hope”.

I like to think of it this way. How can you or anyone “coach” someone without having the proven character of Hope & Faith.
If we look at the 12 Apostle’s, all suffered afflictions which strength their walk for Jesus.

I would to CO in a heart beat if possible. God gifted me with so much of nature & animals. Especially, dogs!

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Welcome aboard @S2a2zrog. That was quite a move from Georgia to Colorado. You already have in a large way blessed this form by simply joining and engaging. I hope that the blessing of the ministry will be able to be paid forward to the many that you may meet here who may be struggling with issues you have already had to cope with or address. We are glad that you are here. God-bless you and your journey.