Sean Gallagher

Greetings, I am living in the Washington, DC area with my wife. We also have three adult children in the area.

I am a RZIM Academy alum (core module and Christian Ethics elective). I also am an instructor of a course in Christian Conflict Reconciliation. I have been studying these areas with a focus on relationship restoration. I am also very interest in helping people navigate out of the partisan polarized mind sets.

I was also an material reductionist atheist in my early years. I have a particular interest in being able to connect with people of different worldviews. I have a passion for studying and engaging in apologetics and evangelism. I have seen and experienced the power of the Gospel to deliver us from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of His dear Son.

I hope to be able to engage in some discussions on these topics.


Welcome to RZIM connect appreciate your introduction…
Citing the Kingdom of darkness and how the gospel can fight it was very well said . I’m very serious about spreading The Kingdom of Jesus as well.
Nice to meet you
In Christ’s Love
Brian Whitaker

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Welcome Sean, So glad you desire to engage in these diverse and intriguing areas of discussion, I too enjoy the topic of Conflict resolution from Christ’s perspective. Living in the DC area and being a professor has afforded you many unique opportunities to engage in many varied discussions. Living in small town West Virginia this forum has been a great way to reach like minded people, and the many areas of truth we seek to understand. Looking forward to reading your Q&A as time Permits. Be safe out there and may His blessings be yours,


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