Seán Ó Rónáin

Hi there, my name is Seán. I’m from Dublin, Ireland.

I work with Agapé Ireland, which is a student ministry organisation. You might know it as Cru or Campus Crusade. I became a follower of Jesus Christ, through Agapé, when I was in university. So when I graduated I desired to help other students make that decision to follow Christ.

I really enjoyed taking part in the RZIM Core Module and that led me here to get involved in Connect. I hear a lot of questions from students with regards to faith and Christianity. I believe this is a great place for me to hear what kinds of questions Christians are hearing all around the world today.

I would love to contribute to this community by sharing some of my questions and thoughts about apologetics, theology and philosophy. I love discussions, especially face to face over a pint, but I’m currently hoping to get better at dialogue within these kinds of forums!

I hope to get an opportunity to chat with you soon.


Welcome aboard @sean.oronain. Love having another academy alum with us. Thanks for coming along side us. Looking forward to coming back to Dublin next August. Notre Dame is playing Navy. Until then participate as often as you are able. God-bless you and your journey.


Hello, Seán, and welcome to Connect. :slight_smile: It’s great to hear of your heart to reach college students and of your own story of Christ pursuing you in college. Looking forward to learning more from you here.


Hi Sean! @sean.oronain

So neat to learn of Agape Ireland! Just this week I sat down with a recent college graduate who is interning with Cru here in Pennsylvania… love the outreach on college campuses! Such a great movement.

I visited Ireland once while studying abroad in England- such a great country! Loved every second I was there :relaxed:

I hope you enjoy the forums and conversations here in Connect- it’s much like the experience we had in the CM- respectful, friendly conversations to better understand scripture and engage with the Questioners in our lives.

Enjoy looking around!