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Hi everyone

My name is Jeffry Brumbach, a long time follower of RZIM. My prayer life has been directed to focus on the Ministry of RZIM the health of Ravi, and God’s will in all things.
I have brought questions to the ministry, and received solid biblical answers… it was a direct prompt that allowed to me to ask the question. My current question, if I find out where to direct my search? “Is Baptism a requirement for Salvation”?

God Bless


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Hi @jbrumbach,

Welcome to Connect! I am so grateful for your prayers for Ravi and for the ministry to be dedicated to doing God’s will. I’ve helped you create a new post with your question and trust you will receive some helpful answers from the community. You can find your post here:


I was asked this question…I have no clear answer. I firmly believe in the guide lines established by RZIM. I approach all questions presented to me with. Humble consideration, and attempt to form a Biblical response only.

Dr. Ravi has honed my skills for many years. The last time I asked a question, I was given a response and directed to other locations for research the question and response.

Than you.
God Bless this awesome ministry


Hi Jeffry, so glad to see your post, welcome friend and family member to connect. Thank you for the prayers it is much appreciated. I will locate your question and respond there. Blessings to all in your life l


Thank you Mike; looking forward to hearing from you. Please forgive me for the grammatical errors in my emails and inquiries…I think I’m 6 months older than Ravi, NO excuse🙃. “If I’m still vertical, HE is not through with me…
God Bless your work,



Welcome aboard @jbrumbach. It’s good to have you with us. Your question is a very good one. I am glad that it was made part of a different category. I’m sure that you will get many good responses. This is why the forum exists. To have discussions just as you started. I thank you for your ministry of prayer.

Thank you Scott: I have found all responses very helpful and biblically based in addressing my question. Each response enlightened me to a different approach of addressing this issue with those inquiring.(mainly family of a different based “Christian” religious system). Most importantly, each response was biblical.

I appreciate this ministry so much. I continue to pray for Ravi, family, and this Godly staff.

Scott, I have one more question that dovetails into my last inquiry on Baptism. It is the method used and the age of which one would be baptized.(sprinkle, pouring, or immersion)

Since it is symbolic, does it matter?

Thank you…
God bless

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In my opinion I do not see any distinction. I see the public manifestation of my service to Christ and commitment is the main component whether by immersion or otherwise. As far as age is concerned, again I see this as a volitional choice made with a commitment. The development, education, and experiences of everyone will be different. When there is a demonstrable understanding of commitment and what baptism is I think the age is appropriate.