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Searching Google for Prayers

In today’s Take Five, RZIM France’s Léa Köves looks at the data around searches for prayer during lockdown and from it draws us into a deeper understanding of how we can use prayer during this desert experience as an opportunity to reframe our ways of thinking.

We are craving for the sacred, and this is visible, for instance, in our artworks throughout the ages, but it seems that during a worldwide pandemic this quest for the sacred resonates even more profoundly in our souls.

If we only want answers, we have google. But if we google prayer, my hunch is that we’re actually searching for something more than solutions. We want communion.

In other words, praying is way more than a sacred experience; it is a way of life that brings you close to the very heart of God.

Make it Personal

  • Have you found yourself trying to find substitutes for communion with others and with God during this desert season?

  • Do you find yourself approaching prayer like a spiritual google instead of communion with our God and Father? How can we approach prayer properly?

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