Season 1 Finale, Pt. 2: Objection! The Resurrection Accounts are Contradictory

We join Abdu Murray for his season finale podcast of The Defense Rests where he addresses some remaining contradictions of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ in the gospels posed by Dr. Bart Ehrman. Abdu addresses such topics as the day and time of Jesus’s death, the account of the robbers crucified alongside Jesus, and the encounters of the women and disciples at the resurrection.

I think this episode brings a greater exposition of the complexity and value of pouring over scripture. The Word of God is very valuable in offering contemporary, accurate and useful information of historical events. More scrutiny and inspection will only profit the reader through such things as (but not limited to) word studies, culture studies, and historical context to be able to more fully understand the passages.

I also see another confirmation that we should not shirk opportunities to address questions or seeming contradictions because the Lord’s Word is able to stand the test.

I hope you will click on the link above to enjoy a great listen and come back here to discuss your thoughts!

How has your witness been impacted by this first season of The Defense Rests?

Have you had an opportunity to address concerns of skeptics or seekers with the conversations in these podcasts? If so, will you share some with us?

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Thanks so much @BloomHere, for sharing this podcast with us!

I think the defense rests is quickly climing the ranks of my favorite podcasts. :grinning: :heart: The way Abdu Murray brings to light both the accusations against the Christian faith and the confidence we can have in answering those accusations have been very helpful for me personally. I look forward to walking in the confidence of Christ even more, as I believe that through Him and the knowledge I’ve learned and hope to continue learning through this podcast, will be most helpful as I seek to share these amazing truths with others.

Excitedly anticipating next season!


You’re welcome! I’m glad you took the time to stop by and listen!
Like you I have become a fan of The Defense Rests as well, and look forward to the next season!
I think the practical and logical side of me gets and boost listening to Abdu’s process.
We have an incredible God who encourages us to think, feel, analyze, and reason with Him!
It will be exciting to see what the next season holds!

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