Secular Philosophies

(Priscilla) #1

Have secular philosophies failed man? How so?

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(Matthew Mingus) #2

Are you referring to a particular philosophy or perhaps a particular philosopher? Or are you just wondering from a general perspective if secular philosophies lead people to wrong conclusions or incorrect beliefs? I am intrigued by your question, but if you could clarify a bit more what exactly you are looking for it would help anyone looking to provide you with an answer in giving a more focused response. Thank you and God bless.


(Jukka Ahonen) #3

In my experience, people find refuge in secularism after a faith has failed them. And, the other way around, when secular people start feeling empty about their lives, they start looking for something deeper. So one way a secular philosophy can fail a person is that it feels empty. And that it does not give a clear answer to what happens after death.