Seeker Churches

(Abby Narvaez) #1

Heard several pastors saying that their churches are not for the churched. One pastor shamed those members who were comfortable with the size of the church by saying to them “shame on you for wanting the church to stay the size it is.” I am not understanding the philosophy of the seeker church.

(SeanO) #2

@Abby I am no expert on the seeker sensitive movement, but here are a couple of articles that discuss the movement you may find helpful.

(christopher van zyl) #3

Im not fond of the seeker sensitive movement. I don’t like it for one reason (this was just my experience and I don’t expect it to be held across the board):
Evangelism is about going into the nation’s. The seeker church has made it about bringing the nation’s into the church. This I can still sort of understand. What really got me was the fact the all this money and resources are used to bring and attract people, and then a self help message is preached with no gospel message. It becomes sentimental and full of emotions with zero repentance. If the gospel isn’t preached, how will they hear about Christ? And then what is the point?

On the other hand, if a church isn’t growing, are the members evangelizing? (going into the nation’s ie school, university, work, family)

The seeker church brings people in with no gospel.
The small churches content with their size go out with no gospel.

The only solution to both, in my best estimation, is the love of the gospel, love of seeing it brought to the world, and love of being genuine with it in our acting it out.