Sexual "orientation" vs "preference"

The debate around homosexuality used to be discussed in terms of “nature” vs “nurture.” It seems like that has disappeared, only to be replace with sexual “orientation” vs “preference.” When did that happen? Can someone educate me?

It seems politically incorrect to say there is a “preference” because that connotes that there is a choice, whereas “orientation” implies there is none. Rather, orientation is what you’re born with.

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The paradigm shift occurred quite some time ago when the American Medical Association was
forced to jettison it’s original findings based not upon further research, but upon political pressure .



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@tweedied. It occurs to me that even if the politically correct way to address homosexuality is orientation; it does not mean it should be done or should be lived. We all have an orientation towards sin. It is why we are a country of laws. It is why CHRIST came and died for us.

Orientation aside. If GOD says no, then it is no. And if GOD says no, then by grace it is possible. Even if the Supreme Court of the land says differently, that does not change what GOD has said. Man-made law will never nullify the law of GOD. We must love all GOD’s children enough to bear forth a true witness. Eternal death is not something we should want for anyone.

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