Shadrack Muthama Muendo

Say hello…HELLO

Where are you from? KENYA

What led you to join Connect? TO LEARN

How do you hope to contribute? BY ASKING QUESTIONS


Welcome @_shaddy! How wonderful to have someone from Kenya. Are you in a city or more of a rural area? Are you involved with a church? If so, I’d love you to tell us about what your worship services are like. I had a cousin who loved going to worship services in Africa. He said Americans have no idea what praise is really like.

We’re all here to learn from one another. We are blessed to have you and all we might learn from you.


Hi @_shaddy, thank you for the introduction, welcome to connect. I trust you will find this a helpful place for answers to your questions. We all continue to learn and grow here. If you have any prayer request, please let us know :pray:t3: Take care and enjoy browsing :heart:


Hello, @_shaddy, and welcome to Connect! It’s wonderful to have you join us, and I’m looking forward to reading your posts. What inspired you to join Connect?

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So great to have you join us Shadrack @_shaddy
How is the gospel doing in Kenya?
RZIM Connection is the global home for those who wants to learn and have their questions answered. I will encourage you to explore and enjoy community. Do find time to share your questions with us and also join the conversation as God enables you.

You are much welcome!!