Shane Kennett

(Shane Kennett) #1

Greetings from Dallas TX. I joined because I have gained so much wisdom from RZIM, and thirst for more. I’m hoping to find real, genuine dialogue about so many important things going on in the world around us, and I desperately hope for our Church to be united as one.

I’ve been sojourning toward Christ for a few seasons, and been blessed with excellent readings about our Lord. I’m attending the C.S. Lewis Institute’s Fellows program, year 1, and plan to continue to year 2.

I hope the brokenness of my life might offer some good discussion for others who may be struggling, and that the wisdom learned from my mistakes can help other believers.

In His name,

(Keldon Scott (Kel)) #2

Welcome aboard @Shane_Kennett. Good to have you with us. Love having another Texan in Connect. Got to visit Dallas when the Packers played Pittsburg in the super bowl. Your experience at institute will be very helpful I am sure. God-bless you and your journey.

(joanne) #3

Welcome Shane! I’m sure your testimony will be a blessing to others.

(Daniel) #4

Hello Shane, I’m excited about your thirst for more. Here in the forums you can certainly quench your thirst a bit. The many conversations and discussions invite you to read along and participate. There are some members here who are faced with great challenges and it is our concern to encourage and support them in prayer. I am sure that your contribution can help others :+1:t3:

(Shane Kennett) #5

Thanks Dan, I’m already enjoying it quite a bit.

(Carson Weitnauer) #6

Hi Shane,

I have some good friends who have gone through the Fellows program - they speak so positively about the experience! I know you will have a lot of wisdom to share with us from your experience. It would be awesome to see others from your program practice applying some of the lessons learned in the Fellows experience in this community as we interact with and care for people all around the world on a daily basis.

(Heidi Mitchell) #7

Hi Shane! @Shane_Kennett
Welcome to Connect :slight_smile:
I imagine attending the CS Lewis’ Fellowship program will be an amazing experience.
The brokenness inside that you mentioned… will absolutely be helpful with others in our community that may have the same struggles.
I love that God doesn’t waste our pain or hurt- He uses them to speak through us to others.
I’m sure there are fellow Connect friends who would appreciate hearing your story.
Thanks, and be blessed!

(Shane Kennett) #8

Thanks Heidi. CS Lewis has been an amazing program, I encourage anyone who is seeking more depth to consider the program. It’s quite rigorous; however, the group has been so gracious with me. I haven’t done ALL the reading and I have done very little of the writing per the outline, nonetheless I’ve gained so much more knowledge about our Lord and Savior. I’m looking forward to year 2.

(Shane Kennett) #9

Hi Carson,

At the next local meeting (Dallas) I’ll suggest to the group they use Connect. CS Lewis Institute uses a LOT of RZIM videos in the course work, so it won’t be too hard to convince most of the folks in our group.