Shanelle Shaw

Hello all, I’m from New Zealand. I’m greatful to be part of the RZIM global family after completing the Core Module and I’m looking forward to great discussions and learning from everyone.


Welcome to Connect Shanelle! It is wonderful to have you with us. I think you’ll really enjoy this forum. There are so many wonderful people here and much to learn from each other. I hope it is a blessing to you! :blush:


Thankyou so much Carrie! Lovely to meet you.

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Shanelle, welcome to a gracious community of believers and seekers of truth, and life. Look forward to all your input .

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Many blessings to you Mike, thankyou.

Good to see you again Shanelle.- I think this Connect is going to be a great ride!

@Shanelle Nice to meet you!

Welcome aboard @Shanelle. Congrats on finishing the core module. I hope you enjoyed it. The foundations you have after the class are so important. Please share as the spirit leads. God-bless you and your journey.

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God bless you Kel, thankyou

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@Shanelle Hi Shanelle nice to meet you here and may God bless you and your family and your friends. :slight_smile:


Blessings to you too Sandro