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My name is Shara Craig and I am from Southern California, United States.

I have joined Connect because I am confident that the Lord’s plan for my life is in Apologetics. I was raised an Atheist/ Naturalist and my mother became a Jehovah’s Witness when I was 10. My parents stayed married but the division in the home was brutal on their marriage and my siblings which lead me to deeply believe in the Atheist worldview.

10 years ago God revealed Himself to me in a big way and I began trying to pursue truth. I thought, “if God was real, science should prove him,” and I started studying science, archaeology, and history. I was overwhelmed with the amount of evidence for the existence of a creator and the truth of the scriptures. I then moved into philosophy and theology and listened to RZIM podcasts for hours a day for months. There were other ministries as well but RZIM has a special place in my heart. I realized after all of this, that God is real, and His plan for my life is to reveal Him to others as He did for me.

So I started teaching Apologetics at my local church and taking classes through RZIM online and now here I am. Humbled to be asked to join this space where I can see God move more. I’m excited, nervous (in a good way), and truly blessed to be here.

I hope to contribute all that I have learned over the past 10 years in any form God allows in hopes of securing the foundation of believers in Christ Jesus, and/or leading those who doubt to Him.

Thank you so much,
Shara Craig

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Hello Shara! This is so heartwarming! Thank God that He pierced through the difficult situations and right through your heart. I am sure your journey has added a lot to the weight of your faith in a way we can all be blessed by you sharing it with us. I hope that you become more and more involved with us. Be blessed!

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Shara, it’s good to have you here! Jesus is a Redeemer so all of the lies that you saw and learned, you will be knowledgable in talking to those who have questions in what you experienced and help them discover the truth.

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May Jesus bless you as you lead.

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Hey @SharaCraig !
I think we were in the Core Module together :heart: right?? Glad to see you here!!

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Yes we were! Good to see you here also!

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Hi Shara, it is great to have you on board. I have been blessed and encouraged by your testimony and contributions, thank you. I praise God for the way he has worked in your life and I pray his blessing and power upon your life and ministry as you seek to serve the Lord through Apologetics.

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Shara, Welcome to the Connect. I am in a group who preach and pray and evangelize a couple times a week in the public market. Nearby there is a group from the JWitness. They are there by demand from their superiors; earning credits. The love of Jesus compels us. One thing that I wish to state and hope it is not misunderstood; Apologetics is a tool. Using the right tool is important. You don’t want to open a can with a hammer. The Gospel message is the supreme tool. Of all the readings you can do and share in church, nothing will out do the Bible. What it says is true. God Bless you on your journey. Steve

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Hi Steve, Thanks so much for your reply. The Gospel message is the catalyst that changes everything, you are so right. I do also see Apologetics (all the topics that are within that) as a tool I want to stress the importance of that tool. We live in a society today (at least in the west) where the bible is considered a corrupted, human made, imperfect book similar to a biography of George Washington. Most atheist (at least all the ones I’ve been around including myself) won’t even listen to the Gospel until you can reveal to them why the Bible can be trusted. I spent far too much time around Christians who used the Bible, to prove the Bible. This is circular reasoning and it does not work. We need to have the tools of proof outside of the Bible to be able to prove the Bible and then we can work our way into the Gospel. There are times when Apologetics isnt needed at all, but those times, at least where I come from, are growing less and less to the secular naturalist society I’m surrounded by. A tool yes, but an epic tool provided by our Great Father. Thanks Steve, Blessings to you!

(Michelle M. Halcomb) #10

Shara, I love your story! Such a powerful testimony! Your journey is so unique and cool, and you have the background to understand a wide array of different viewpoints. I look forward to what you will share.