Sharing connect with other Christian friends problem

I get an error message when I tap the link in a post to share connect with others. Both from app and mobile website. It has what looks like the end of a web address, but not part. I’ve got a list in my mind of people I think would be interested.
I’m about to just tell them directly, and not get a big ego from having “friend” referred by me.

Hi @rkendall33544,

Thank you for letting me know!

Could you please provide a screenshot of the problem?

That will help me diagnose the issue you are having.

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Hi, @CarsonWeitnauer :wave:

I actually don’t know how to share Connect with others. Is there a link to learn this?

Hi, this tutorial article may be helpful:


It was from this post:

Hi @rkendall33544,

I’m sorry about that. I believe you will gain access to that page after being involved in the community for a longer period of time. I regret the error and really appreciate you drawing that to my attention.

I had invited maybe around 4 people through a box that said “invite 5 friends” earlier, when I first had created an account. Then the invite 5 friends box disappeared one day and I couldn’t find a link within this forum that would let me send the invite to someone. I ended up doing it the old fashioned way by sending the link to the Connect app (from google) to the other people. Is there still a “Send an invite” option somewhere that I am missing? Or has it changed to sending friends the links to the various “begin account threads” and going from there?

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Hi, the link is here:

But this link only works for Connect members who have been active in the community for a quite a while.

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That makes sense. Thanks for the help👍

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