Sharing my testimony with a friend

Hello RZIM family. It’s such a wonderful feeling to know that i can seek wisdom and guidance from a platform as diverse and beautiful as this one.
I have recently been talking with an agnostic friend about Christ. After few conversations we have decided to search for truth objectively together. We started quite well, but now (a few weeks later) we no longer have spoken about such things.He recently asked me to share with him why i believe in God. As I was thinking about how i should write my testimony i realized that i not only have to write why i believe but also in what i believe. I directly thought about the cross, the core of Christianity. How would u adress such topic to an agnostic who has been raised in a “christian” community that doesn’t provide clear answers for the purpose and meaning of the crucifixion of Christ.
Do u have any books or articles you would suggest we read and discuss.
(Were teenager’s by the way )
Thank you in advance for your time, thoughts, and prayers. I would really appreciate them.
Much love,


@linda.1.dagher! Amazed to hear of your zeal and passion for evangelism and your love for your friend that you are engaging them in these types of conversations. I am sure there will lots of people here with plenty of insight to offer.

I will just provide a few thoughts.

First, be honest. When asked this question we are often tempted to prove God’s existence and come up with some crazy complicated argument. Take the question at face value. Why do you believe God exists? Take some time to just sit and ponder the question.

Second, PRAY! Ask God for insight, not only to articulate your belief well but for words of wisdom to address the heart issues of your friend.

Third, ask questions of your friend. Why don’t they believe in God? What is the biggest issue they are facing?

Fourth, know that whatever the answer is to that question it probably isn’t the real issue. Most objections to God are not intellectual, they are emotional. It is important to address the core issues of your friend. This take getting to know them and what is truly important to them. It would also be nice to know what prompted this conversation on their end. What are they struggling with that caused them to want to engage in this conversation?

Keep up the Lord’s work and check back in with us and let us know how the conversation is going! Let us know if you need any further help! Praying for you and your friend!


Thank you Joshua! These tips are great. Will surely update you on how this conversation will flow.
Thanks a lot ,


I know there are a number of things to consider when you are engaged with a friend on the serious subject of the eternal. I am in the middle of a course on the Influences on the Thought of C. S. Lewis. In the course the author and instructor shared a story from his visit to Hertford College at Oxford University where he had the privilege of speaking in the Evensong service. Afterwards he was invited to the High Table of the faculty which he compare to the Harry Potter movie’s in the great hall. He was ask by a faculty member “So Jerry, why are you a Christian?” (The question was ask with sarcasim in mind). His answer was sincere.

“I’m a Christian not because of any brilliant argument that convinced me of the truth of it. I’m a Christian because I am aware of deep brokenness in my life, of incongruities, of things that I am not happy about, and I long desperately to have the broken things fixed. And I was deeply moved when I heard the message in Christ of His unconditional love and His forgiveness, and I was moved to become a Christian because I longed in my brokenness for forgiveness and love.”

Root, J. (2019). CS341 Influences on the Thought of C. S. Lewis. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Even though the question was ask with an eye towards ridicule it turned into a serious discussion with the faculty of this school.

For context Root was using this story to illustrate the idea of longing a longing to fix the brokenness that each of us is aware of and strives to fix.

Hope this helps.


Thank you @Jimmy_Sellers!
Wow this quote is so touching. I was thinking of saying quite the same thing to my friend.
Many blessings


You are welcome and may God bless your efforts.