Sharing the Gospel in my Community

Hi everyone,

My wife and I are a young married couple living in an affluent community in the Houston area, and we would appreciate some ideas as to what ways we could best spread the Gospel in our community. We both work 8-5 jobs (remotely currently), but want to be on mission where our feet are. With all the regulations due to Covid, it makes things a little difficult to get close to others right now, but we would appreciate any suggestions!

We would also love to hear about organizations to support, whether financially or through other means!


Hello Ashton,
It is nice to hear from someone that has a heart for sharing the gospel with those that the Lord puts in your path. :+1:
On a basic level the best way to share the gospel in your community is to get to know your neighbors well. It is so easy to be about the business of living our own personal lives that we forget to remember that our primary purpose (after our relationship with the Lord) for us as followers of Christ is the Great Commission. :slightly_smiling_face:
Getting to know your neighbors will take some sacrifice on your part, they will require some of your time, usually when its not convenient! As I say this it will mean that your will have to be purposeful in your actions. As your friendships grow, just be yourselves. :sunny: With this I am assuming that in your daily conversations with people, Jesus is a regular part of your conversation. :slightly_smiling_face:
Four areas of conversation that you can inquire with them about their views are; origin…where did we come from, meaning…what is purpose for the lives we live, morality…how do we know how to live, and destiny…where do we end up after our lives are over. :thinking:
I would approach these conversations to start with by finding out their views on these topics as you get to know them well.
Most times you will find that people hold contradictory views within some of these topics…or they have not thought about them much, either way their thoughts will form the bases for discussions that lead to the foot of the cross.
I have found that the hardest part in theses conversations is taking steps to open up these types of conversations. :grimacing: After I get brave enough to start the conversation most people are OK sharing their views on these topics.
The final thing that I would add; is to be praying for the people in your neighborhood…it is important that the Lord goes before your preparing your heart and theirs. :pray: Even though I have included this last it should be in the beginning of your process to reach out to those around you. The Lord will be faithful.

As I think about your final question, about supporting organizations. It is hard for me to recommend different organizations because there are a number of good ones. Obviously you have asked this question within RZIM so I would certainly recommend supporting organizations that are benefiting your growth as a follower of Christ. Because of the question that you have asked I would also recommend that you check out the resources at Stand to Reason…STR,org. Like RZIM their purpose is to equip believers to share their faith well.

Blessing…may the fruit of your ministry be as big as your heart for others. :heart:


Good morning Ashton! Thank you for your generous spirit and love for your neighbors! May the blessing God gave the Israelite people in Numbers 6:24-26 be to you as well! What are the COVID restrictions like in Houston? Perhaps you could start by inviting your neighbors into your home one family at a time. Those kinds of interactions could be the easiest to social distance while still getting to know them.
Don Baker has a great model that RZIM Connect challenges us to use. The questions of Origin, Meaning, Morality and Destiny will help you understand what they believe. Let them know that you’d be happy to give them your answers at another time unless they specifically ask you to give them this time.
Do you have a church family you pray and fellowship with? Start your giving there if you haven’t yet. Perhaps your pastor has some ministries he recommends.
Be sure to pray together with your wife as you take these steps. Colossians 4:2 says, “Devote yourselves to prayer, keeping alert in it with an attitude of thanksgiving.” Ask other Christians to pray for you as well.
I hope I wasn’t too long winded! I will pray for you! Let me know how the Lord is working, please.


Honestly, man. People are pretty receptive right now. Even when things were locked down, most people are still willing to talk and accept tracts.

DMV lines, farmers markets, any kind of event or crowded area. Also, check out the homeless community. They are always in need of Bibles, hearing the gospel, food and clothing.

Good luck, brother. Shouldn’t be too hard.


Thanks, Joel! Praise the Lord!

Hi Ashton,

One thing I would suggest to create the open door into a discussion about the Gospel would be to first ask the person a question about their worldview or faith. Most people are willing to talk about their beliefs, and it opens up conversation in an organic way. I also think that the Gospel is most powerfully shared through observation: the lives we live and relationships we build. So sharing the Gospel should not be considered a one time or sometimes conversation; it is ongoing. I hope these ideas are helpful. If you’re interested in delving deeper, I would highly recommend taking the RZIM Core Module. In it you will learn more about this very subject, and it will deepen and grow your faith as well.

God bless you and grace you as you seek to make Him known.

Welcome to RZIM Connect! @joelrodgers365

Thanks Don, some great suggestions there!

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