Sharon Compton

I’m Sharon C. I live in Thornton Colorado.

Where are you from?

In my studies for truth, I have been led to RZIM Ministries many times and use the app regularly. I want to include the broadcasts in my readily accessible study materials.

I will gladly contribute what I can in any way I can.


Hi @Sharon_Compton, so glad you joined❤️ I bet Ravi never ceases to be amazed how God has used RZIM! Welcome to connect🙂
Do I see a big tennis ball you’re holding up?


Welcome aboard @Sharon_Compton. Glad you have come along with us. I hope your time spent is a blessing to you. I look forward to reading your posts. God-bless.


Thanks for the warm welcome! I’m holding a softball- the one my niece over the fence in an important tournament play-off game! Personalized & autographed to “Auntie!”:heart:


That is so sweet. I guess my eye appointment yesterday was more necessary than I realized :joy:

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Have you lived in CO all your life? I went to college in Alamosa and some of my fellow runners were from there. Colorado was not so huge then. It was before John Denver was even known. Welcome to Connect as you’ll find subjects great but you’ll hit it with certain ones that seem to be where you are. It is a wonderful group.


@Tim_Ramey I haven’t quite figured out what RZIM Connect is and how it works so I don’t know if you’ll see this or not… but thanks for your note. I moved to Grand Junction, Colorado when I started High School. I grew up in Midland, Texas. Most of my family lives in Texas so I visit there frequently. I have been a reader of RZIM articles and listened to pod casts for a long time and I have learned and grown from it.


Hi Sharon! @Sharon_Compton
Check out the menu tab. There are many categories of topics to explore…each has a colored square attached to it. You will find one category called “Site Tutorial”- great for finding tops on how to interact with this site, and begin conversations/ answer questions.
I hope this helps! Let us know if you need help…:slight_smile:


*tips (not tops) ha

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Thanks Heidi. I’ll check it out.

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