Sharon here

Hallo, i apologize, this has taken me close to “decades” to write.
My name is Sharon, from Uganda. I am currently studying/staying in Germany.

What led you to join Connect?

My brother, evangelists of the Word, introduced me to Dr.Ravi’s youtube videos not just a while back. I guess i had quite a few annoying questions so he sent me to Ravi. So far i have learnt a great deal about my faith. I can say that now i can seat with non believers and have a “calm discussion” about Christ. I am so blessed to learn so much about my Lord God, i hunger to know more. So i guess that is why i am here. There is so much to learn, i have sooooo mannnyyyy questions, i want to have something to say when i am asked, “Why”.
Also i needed a sort of fellowship where i can feel safe to ask all sort of questions. A place where mutual understanding is on the princriple of truth. Also, since i moved to Germany, i have not yet found a church to call home to be honest. This of course should not be my church but it is a start. Right?

And i hope that maybe, one day, Dr. Ravi could visit my University. It would be an honor to meet him. What an honor it would be to commune with all of you in the midst of Jesus.

Thank you and God keep you


You are most welcome to connect @mourn_cheri

We are glad you finally made it to family. @RZIMConnect we trust God for wisdom to answer questions as they come. Feel free to start asking yours.

I am looking forward to be blessed by your contributions. I pray that you locate a church that fits God’s calling for your life.

Grace and peace be yours.
From Nigeria.


Hallo Sharon, herzlich Willkommen bei Connect. I’m very glad to meet someone who also lives in Germany :smiley: Interestingly, one of our friends was in Uganda last year and told us a lot about the country and the culture there. He called it the “Pearl of Africa”. :uganda:
As far as Connect is concerned, you have already summed it up very well. Connect is not a substitute for a local church, but a worldwide community of people who want to grow together in faith and learn more about God and Jesus. Therefore you can ask questions of any kind in the forums and I’m sure you will get answers :+1:


Thank you so much. And i pray that above all Jesus’ name is glorified.

P.s I already asked my first question, please feel free to give your view.

God bless you!


Hallo Daniel, Vielen vielen dank für den herzlichen wilkommen. :raising_hand_woman:t5:

I am so amazed to meet someone on here who lives in Germany. Wow, i am actually so surprised. Das ist sooo toll.
It gives me pride to know your friend called my home by it’s true form. He must have enjoyed himself. :blush::blush: It gives me joy when something else other than Idi Amin- the famous dictator, is mentioned whenever Uganda is brought up.

Thank you for the welcome again. I pray i find a church soon. I already asked a question so as the spirit leads, please feel free to give your view as well.:blush:

Tschüß und vielleicht bis später.
God bless you


Welcome aboard @mourn_cheri. So glad you have sought out the responses and can share them. We are happy you are connecting with us. Please do help others here with the experiences you have had. Offer prayer, encouragement, and helpful response to the myriad questions that are posed. God-bless you and your journey.


Hello @mourn_cheri, thank you for such a heart felt, inspiring introduction! It’s so wonderful to have you here. There is so much to learn and there are a plethora of conversations to browse through. I can relate to the “Church search.” And no, this is not our church home but it sure is nice to connect with so many people from all over the globe :pray: and stay connected. Take care and enjoy browsing :heart:


Welcome here Sharon!

Greetings from Kampala! Glad to have you join us on RZIM Connect. I pray that you find a local Church in Germany. It would also be great to do the RZIM Academy Online Core Module. It is such a blessing and you could learn a lot from on there.

As for your questions you could always ask, may be we can help. I figure this is what the platform is for, right?

Denis Mugume
Youth and Students’ Minister
St. Francis Chapel Makerere University, Kampala


Hallooooo, @oracle_116
E’kulamusiza Sebo :grin:

Thank you for your message. How is home, our Country?
So blessed to meet someone back from home. As for [quote=“oracle_116, post:8, topic:21148”]
It would also be great to do the RZIM Academy Online Core Module. It is such a blessing and you could learn a lot from on there.
[/quote] please let me know where i can get more Information about this Module because i am very intrested.

God bless you, and thank you


Here is the url link to the core module: