Sharon Rhoads

Say hello…

Where are you from? Huntersville N.C.

What led you to join Connect? Livestream conference

How do you hope to contribute? Financial


Hi Sharon! Welcome to Connect. We’re very glad that you are here. Which conference are you Livestreaming? There are so many great options! RZIM Connect is a great supplement to the livesteams! If the conference sparks new questions or ideas, be sure to share them with us out on the forums! We want to hear from you and learn from your unique perspective. Thanks for joining us!


Welcome Sharon! @Angelone
Hope you enjoy the conference! Thanks for joining us in Connect- it’s a great place to think through questions and share ideas.
Be blessed!


Welcome Sharon, we’re neighbors:)
I’m from SherrillsFord NC.

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Welcome @Angelone :heart:

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