Shawn David Ng

Hey hey, looking forward to meeting everyone and EAP2019. To edify and exhort and comfort.

My name is Shawn and I am a baby Christian. I came to Christ last December and got water baptized 2 weeks ago (21Sep19) at my church retreat in Penang. oh yes, I am a Singaporean, it would be fun to bring everyone around.

p.s. I love moving in faith, in the spirit such as prophecy and healing. So many stories to share and I’d love to share the things I’ve learnt from God :slight_smile:

thank You Jesus :heart:


Hi @ShawnDavidNg, welcome to connect. It is a blessing to have you here. We would love to hear more from you and how you came to Christ. If you would like to share your testimony, there is a place here for that, if you feel led :pray:t3:
I Love your enthusiasm and look forward to reading more from you :heart:


Welcome to the family of Christ, @ShawnDavidNg! It is so encouraging to hear of how God has called you to Him and how you are now enthusiastic to share His light with others. I wish you the best at EAP!


Hey another Singaporean attending EAP 2019.
Hope we can all learn from each other at EAP 2019, especially what else we can do for Singapore.


Welcome aboard @ShawnDavidNg. So glad you have decided to join us. And congratulations on the EAP admittance. I pray that your studies will be fruitful. Please do share your experiences and revelations from EAP with us here. Participate as often as you are able. God-bless you and your journey.


Hi Shawn congratulations on this new creature you are now! It is a blessing to be a baby Christian and already be part of this community. The Lord may use you in amazing ways! Before accepting Christ, what was your worldview?


Welcome Bro Shawn @ShawnDavidNg

What a joy to receive you at connect. Congratulations. Please do share your questions and testimonies with us.

Keep you eyes fixed on Jesus.

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Hi Shawn, congratulations on your baptism. I’m glad that you took this step :smiley: Do you have a church and people near you who are walking with you?
At Connect you can meet other people who will accompany you along the way. Just get involved and participate in the discussions (as you have already done). I wish you God’s rich blessing and that you feel His presence every day.

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