(Sheirwin Valdez) #1

Hi, My name is Sheirwin. I’m from England. I join connect to have a deeper understanding with the word of God and apply it in my everyday life and share it to others most especially to those who are in doubt and unbelievers. I hope I can be a help and share wisdom from God.

(SeanO) #2

@Sheirwin_Valdez Welcome to Connect! So glad you are joining us. May the Lord Jesus bless you richly as you seek to love and honor Him. See you on the forums.

(Sheirwin Valdez) #3

Thank you Sean

(Olivia Davis) #4

Hi Sheirwin! Welcome to Connect. I think that’s a great reason to join Connect. There’s so much to learn here and I hope you’ll join in and participate in the forums so that we can learn from you as well!