Should Christians accept the theory of evolution as fact?

Hello Margaret. I would like to ask whether all Christians, regardless of denomination, should accept the theory of evolution as a fact. Thank you.

Dear @SimonLizardo (Simon),

Thanks for your question. I have one for you before I answer. What makes this an important question for you and how would you answer it? Do you believe that all Christians must accept evolution as a fact? If so, how would you go about ensuring that all Christians accept evolution?


This makes an important question because it deals with the origins of life. I would answer it by weighing and comparing the evidence with theology and scripture. With the vast evidence for evolution, I believe that all Christians must accept evolution as a fact. I would ensure that all Christians accept evolution without compromising their faith by promoting Christians to accept the theory of evolution and somehow how it can be compatible with the Bible and theology.

Hello @SimonLizardo,

Thank you for responding to my questions! I appreciate your honesty and the conviction of your question. I am sure you know many good Christian people who take a different view from your own based on their reading of Scripture and the theology that emerges from there. Major organizations like Answers in Genesis, Reasons to Believe, and Biologos all reflect these different views - from a young earth, six day literal creation to old earth no macro-evolution, to theistic evolution (or God instituted evolution). RZIM does not, as an organization, have an official position on this issue and I do not believe it is an issue of salvation. Therefore, I think it is one that good Christians can have different views on.

Recently, I was part of an RZIM Summit in Nova Scotia, Canada, in which we talked about God and the natural world and our responsibility as Christians to care for the creation for which we have been made stewards and caretakers. We heard a great deal of scientific knowledge shared in conjunction with biblical teaching. There are a few things I think are very important to remember:

  1. No matter what view of “creation” one takes, each view has particular problems with which it has to wrestle.
  2. Science and faith need not be in opposition to each other - as Dr. Arthur Holmes stated in his classic book All Truth is God’s Truth if something is truly TRUE, it is God’s truth. Where science illuminates the truth, it is God’s truth and therefore it will complement Scriptural truth
  3. God is the Creator, Sustainer, and Redeemer of the cosmos. Revelation tells us that “God is making all things new” and so we believe that God is at work through the natural world just as God is at work in the proclamation of the gospel through our teaching and our lives.

So, I think you can see that I don’t believe we should make everyone accept evolution. I do, however, believe that we can and should be in conversation with those who hold different views than our own on this issue. Iron sharpens iron…

Every blessing,

Margaret Manning Shull