Should Christians date someone of a different faith?

Hi Daniel, thanks for your time.
There is a lady I am interested in having a serious relationship with but it’s complicated because she is a Jehovah’s witness. She has been struggling with their beliefs and I have introduced her to evangelical Christianity. It’s been very difficult because she is a “baptized witness”, her father is a coordinator so there is a lot of pressure on her to stay in the faith she doubts. Threats of disowning her from her family and so on. I really feel for her because it seems there is no freedom of choice to believe or disbelieve in their faith. I have been critically exposing their flaws on the concept of God, consciousness after death and their so many false beliefs but it’s very difficult due to her confusion and pressure from her family. She has been threatened that they will not accept any person other than a Jehovah’s witness for marriage. Do I Pursue a relationship with this lady who I really like or not due to difference in belief

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Hi Jarvis, thanks for your question. I can see that it’s a personal one. Thank you for opening up and asking it. I’ve been asked this question quite a few times before and I’ll share with you my thoughts concerning dating. The first rule of Christian dating is to love Christ with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. As Christians, Christ truly captures our heart, saves our soul, renews our mind to have his will, and we put all our strength into his mission and plan: to make disciples who loves Christ with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. He is our ultimate Treasure. Are we willing to give up anything for him? Someone once said to me that the great reward in Christian dating is ‘Christ-centered clarity’. You’re pursuing clarity if the other person truly treasures the same things as you do. Developing an intimacy with someone who you don’t have clarity with about the most fundamental areas of life will only make you more vulnerable, anxious, and fragile. As you know, the differences between JW beliefs and Christian beliefs are of primary importance. The differences aren’t dealing with secondary or tertiary issues like style of worship, or church polity, or adult/infant baptism, etc. These differences are creedal differences. They would call you to question your primary treasure. I’ll suggest to you that differences in primary beliefs are important enough to move away from pursuing a serious relationship. I hope that’s helpful. Again, thank you for asking the question!