Should we consider that all reserved rights by national legislators and international agreements for persons are for embryos too?

Hello my dear brothers and sisters, I have a question on the topic of when personhood begins. My sincere question is going with a premise that personhood begins from the fecundation of the ovule, if so, then: “Should we consider that all reserved rights by national legislators and international agreements for persons are for embryos too?”

Why am I asking, if yes, then a lot of legal questions appear when couples go for fertilization in vitro. For example here in the European Court of Human Rights judgement is opened a little bit the legal problems that would face the recognition of embryo as person.

Please, as more as you can, refer to the topic from legal perspective too.

Thank you a lot. May God bless you.


Hi, @MikeC. I began reading the court document but it is too long. I understand the circumstances of the case now, but would you elaborate on what the exact legal issues are that you have in mind?

When I said that there are legal issues that show up when we recognize embryos as persons and when we consacrate all reserved right by national legislators and international agreements to embryos too, I meant particularly the situation when couples go for in vitro fertilization. In order to be sure woman would get pregnant, nurse put 2-3 or even more embryos in the womb. What if all embryos in the process of nidation are Incorporated in the womb? Would you let all embryos grow? May be with potential serious damage to pregnant woman even her death, if she clinically is not capable to give birth to that number of children. That’s first question.
Second one. As in the legal case I recommend, the potential mother made more that 2-5 embryo (about 10) and because she clinically was not allowed to go for in vitro fertilization, nurse puted them into special fridge. Meanwhile, the relationship of that woman with her partner get worse and he refused to be father of her children. It means all those embryos had to be destroyed.
And the second scenario. Let’s say he want to be the father of the children but the die. What would you do with those embryos? And if those embryos are recognised as persons then they are subjects of inheritance and legally the can inherit their parents. But how would they enter in the possession of the property if they are not born?
These are just some questions that shows up. There are a lot more.