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Should we obey government that are bad?

Should we still submit to the authority even there are injustices?

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Hi Chaize,

this is a great question; and an easy one to answer if the government we find ourselves in is generally democratically elected and fairly transparent, and has a decent law system and freedom of speech. It’s a lot harder when, like in Jesus time, the Jews were under the thumb of the Romans, and yet Jesus, and the Apostle Paul spoke about how to live under such government.

I would say in summary; that as Christians we are to obey and submit to the governing authorities at all times, except where a government is clearly stating the exact opposite of what God says in the Bible. When that is the case; what are we to do about it?

A good article is this one, as well as the BibleProject two part series about ‘Exile’ and ‘The Way of the Exile’ in particular you might enjoy. In addition a couple of related discussion topics to read through below.

As theBibleProject asks:

One of the most difficult issues facing Christians of any culture or time is how to support, resist, or participate in the governing power structures of their day. Should followers of Jesus endorse any political movement that is or isn’t religious? What are the dangers of joining our allegiance to Jesus with loyalty to any nation or government?

and this one has some related thoughts…

hope that helps to answer your question. :slight_smile: :+1: