Should women covered their head in worship? Or, is this an outdated law?

Hello! Jacob it is my honour to asked you
In corinthians it’s says that women should cover head in worship, should we need to fallow in today context? But some say it’s for olden time. But if it is for olden time then Bible is effective only in Paul time not eternal?

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Hi Chuimatai,

Many churches have tried grappled with this question seriously. In India where I live there are a few churches which do still practice this custom such as certain brethren churches as well as a few charismatic churches.

The question of what is cultural and what is universal from the Bible is always a challenge. But it is a challenge that we as Christians should be able to wrestle with. One of the hermeneutic principles (ways to interpret the Bible) is that many of the practices which Paul writes about could be cultural but the principle is universal. And it is that which we need to focus on. Cultural practices have connections with cultural symbols at that point in time, it loses its symbolic meaning if the mere practice is taken elsewhere. For example folded hands is a respectful form of greeting in India, but if I directly apply it in Spain- it will have no meaning. But I still have to find ways and means to respectfully greet people even in Spain. Hence the principle is universal though the practice is cultural.
I think the head covering falls into the cultural category. It had deep symbolic meaning in the ancient world. It symbolised propriety, humility and so on. It is those values that we need to appropriate rather than the mere symbol.