Shu Yang

So excited to join in the global RZIM family! My name is Shu ( 姝in Chinese :slight_smile: ) , I am from China,but currently located in Houston, Texas. I moved here in 2011.
I accepted Jesus as my Lord in 2005 after my divorce. Someone introduced me to go visit a neighbor who might be able to help me in my depression. And, it turned out to be that neighbor who was a Christian was actually opening her house as an underground church. I had lived there for 3 years but heard nothing about it, you can imagine how “underground” it was ! Anyway, 2 months later I became a Christian, then my son, and my mother. God is amazing.
After 5 years of being a single mom in China, I got to meet my current husband, a very devoted Christian, by a miracle. As a housewife, I spend my spare time in writing evangelical articles and doing podcasts too ( in Chinese ). I know there are millions of people there who have never heard of Gospel. When I do chores at home, I listen to sermons from different pastors on YouTube. That’s how I fell in love with RZIM team :slight_smile:
Recently I found that there is a “RZIM CONNECT”, so, here I am :slight_smile: I’d love to know more friends who share same passion,from all over the world. I want to learn more about apologetics to equip myself for questions I have been faced with and might face in the future. I don’t know what I can contribute yet as I just start here…pray, and try my best to help others when needed ?


Welcome!!! @goodellena

Wow!! What an incredible story about your salvation and those around you. You see I can only Imagine the persecution the church is going through.

I love china because most things around me are made from China. Haha.

It is amazing how the Lord is using you to bless many from your family members to your community and beyond.
Yes! Connect is Family and Feel free to explore, engage and enjoy the resources here. Also feel free to join the conversation.

Looking forward to learning from you
Grace and Love
From Nigeria


Welcome @goodellena, wow what a beautiful, testimonial introduction!
I am so blessed by it :heart: There is a place here for testimonies if you want to post yours. I know you will bless others here. Enjoy browsing the topics and feel free to engage :pray:t3:


Hi Shu! @goodellena
So so glad you’ve joined us :relaxed:

I’ve recently been reading about the underground church movement in China- amazed by the stories and miracles people have experienced!! God is on the move!

Thank you for sharing a bit of your story- meeting your neighbor and her church- (that you had no idea about for three years)…your son and mom becoming Believers…also the miracle of meeting your husband. I’m encouraged to hear the journey you’ve been on - thanks for sharing with us!!

Along with @sig - I agree, if you feel comfortable sharing your testimony, it would surely be a blessing to many here.

I hope you’ll continue to be blessed and find encouragement here, as you also encourage others…:heart:


Thanks for your reply, John! Yeah, I know, so many things are Made in China :slight_smile: I do hope what you get are good quality ones,haha .
Yes, I am so blessed by our amazing God. Can not thank Him enough!


Thank you @sig for your encouragement and information :slight_smile: I did not know there is a place for testimonies. I’d love to put more details in the testimonies and post it there. God has done so many amazing things in my life, I have to share it with as many as possible, haha.

@HeidiMitchell Thanks for letting me know that a bit of my story encouraged you. I am thinking for sure everybody here has a very touching testimony and mine might not be that encouraging…but actually, rethink about it, God is working in different ways in our life so every story is unique :slight_smile: I have written my loooong testimony in Chinese and shared with lots of people ( i am running an E-magazine and podcasts sharing Gospel, which has more than 10,000 subscribers now, this is also one reason why I join RZIM connect to be more equipped.) I will shorten that story in English and post it here.


Hello, @goodellena! Sounds like you have been through your share of ups and downs in your life. Thank you so much for sharing just a bit of your story with us. I praise our Father in heaven for not only your story of coming to Him but also of your son and your mother. That’s so very beautiful and encouraging! We are glad that you have joined us on here, and I look forward to learning with and from you. :slight_smile: Blessings!


What a wonderful testimony Shu, I pray that your podcasts would win many to the Lord in China. Welcome to the family, was so encouraged by your testimony, not only are you reaching out to those around you…you are going beyond! So amazing, you know, because of what we read on the news, it is so encouraging to hear how the Gospel is spreading in China. I pray the Lord continually give you more grace to reach even more people with the E- Magazines and podcasts.


Hi @goodellena! Welcome to Connect and thank you for letting us know about your story. God is blessing you indeed. I encourage you to keep going with this unique ministry of yours as you encourage us all.