Siggi Ross


I am Siggi Ross. I live outside Chicago.

A friend introduced me to the RZIM Ministry in 2017 and I completed the Core Module this April. I am very much looking forward to start the Science Elective Course in June.

I hope that I will be able to contribute to this group by listening, learning and providing perspective from my experiences.


Hello Siggi!


Welcome @Siggi! My name is Sieglinde. Growing up my friends called me Siggy but my mother-n-law shortened it to Sig. Enjoy connect Siggi🙂


Welcome aboard @Siggi. So glad to see another Academy alumnus joining. You will love the science elective as well. What was your favorite part in the core module? I thought it was such a great foundation. God-bless you as you enjoy and participate here.


Siggi I will also be doing the Science elective in June. I am very much looking forward to it.


Welcome Siggi!

…good to have such friends :smiley: Looking forward to your contributions in the forums. Have you already found topics here that interest you? This is about scientific proof of the Bible.


Hi Siggi! @Siggi
Welcome to Connect!
The Science Elective sounds great…hope to glean some of what you learn after you’re done with the course.
Enjoy getting to know this community, and the great topics to explore!


Thank you!
Very few call me Sig. But I do like it.

Hello Rio!

Thank you for your suggestion! I will look into it.

Thank you Heidi! Will do

Great! I will see you then

Thank you Kel!
Yes, I am very much looking forward to it. I always thought that Christianity and science compliment rather than contradict each other.
My favorite course was about hope and the factual explanation to its validity.

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