Hello all, I’m from Australia, and found out about RZIM connect while watching a video in Francis Chan’s ‘Crazy for love’ website.
The presenter Shawn Hart, mentioned it and gave a brief summery. Enough to get me interested, as I have been watching Ravi for about the last 6 months.

As to how I can contribute? I’m not sure as yet, but will be watching the comings and goings on here, and praying for wisdom in how I can help.


Welcome @Sights, it’s so nice to meet you. So glad you heard about this and decided to check it out. It is a wonderful way to connect with people all over the globe. Enjoy browsing and feel free to engage in the conversations when you feel led to do so :pray:


Welcome aboard @Sights. Glad you have joined us. What has been the most impactful insight gleaned when watching the videos if you would share. So awesome connecting across this globe together. God-bless you and your journey


Hello, Wayne, and welcome to Connect! :slight_smile: It’s great to have you join us, and I look forward to hearing more from your posts and questions here. As you discern your niche here in Connect, know we seek to share knowledge byt also to demonstrate to the outside world Christ’s sacrificial love through our service to one another as we share what we know to answer questions. You may find this post helpful or even enjoy jumping into the RZIM Academy to dig deeper. :slight_smile:

How To Serve the RZIM Connect Community


Thanks Sig, I appreciate the welcome, and also the invitation. :smiley:

What strikes me the most, is how God can use anyone who is will, in so many wonderful ways.

I really appreciate Ravi’s intellect, and his insightful and thoughtful answers. I am also impressed with his humble attitude towards everyone who poses a question; no matter how pointed and aggressive the question/questioner is intended.

“Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God” Matt 5:9.

Surrender is the most difficult, and yet is the most beautiful of God’s ways for us. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for sharing that. Well stated. You wrote that you had been praying for wisdom on how you would contribute. Any divine leads? Loved your response. It is so awesome connecting the globe. Have a great day or night :smile:

Deeper and ever deeper is where I want to delve.
Crony as it may sound, this is my desire after 44 years of calling myself a Christian, but only the last 10 years of having any understanding of what it is to follow Jesus.

God has given us His word as our ONLY guide to His wisdom, His path and His salvation.
So, I always have questions. As soon as I find the answer to one, it generally opens a pandora’s box full of so many others.
An incredibly stimulating journey, and so many growing fellow believers to share it with. :smiley::smile: