Sinners or perfect

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From the time we accepted Jesus as our Lord and saviour, God don’t see us as a sinners and see us perfect and righteous through His eyes, ie through the blood of Jesus.

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@htdaniel Are you asking if we, as Christians, are still sinners or if we are perfect? If so, the answer is very profound - in Jesus we are no longer sinners, we are saints (“set apart ones”). God has set us apart for Himself and freed us from sin’s power by the blood of Jesus and the work of the Holy Spirit. But we are not perfect either… We are imperfect saints who are daily being conformed to the image of Christ - confessing to God when we sin and walking in holiness by the power of the Holy Spirit.

One way it has been said is this: in Christ we are freed from sin’s penalty and sin’s power, but until we die or Christ returns we are not free from sin’s presence

Or again: when we accept Christ we are justified - it is just as if we never sinned - but we are not yet sanctified - we still are on a journey to crucify our flesh daily and live out the new life in Christ. We are already declared righteous in Christ, but we are not yet like Christ - we are still on the journey to be more like Him.

I John says that when we come before Christ, we will finally be like Him - free from sin’s presence.

I John 3:2 - Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. But we know that when Christ appears, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is.

Hope some of those thoughts are helpful :slight_smile: Here is another related thread.

If you’re a Christian you are not a sinner. You’re a saint. Not a holier than thou saint or an I’m better than you saint, but an I’m purchased by the blood of Jesus and not yet there but chasing after the righteousness He has declared over me saint. A saint who recognizes their own imperfection but longs for more of Jesus, more of holiness, more of obedience, more of the image of Christ in me - a saint who crucifies his flesh and opens his heart to the sanctifying grace of Jesus, yet does not judge others. A saint who obeys out of love because God has loved them and forgives others as they have been forgiven.

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When I became a believer at age 37( 46 years ago), I was encouraged to make a vow to God by completing this sentence

“ I vow to YOU God that I will read the Bible every day for the rest of my life, for at least ( insert the time)”

I knew nothing about the Bible that day, and believed it didn’t have anything to say to me about how I should live my life…so I thought this was a good idea for me to try…so I inserted “ 1 minute”…

I thought I might have a chance of doing that…At the same time, my wife Pat did the same vow ( we had not talked about this before hand), and she used “ 2 minutes”…women are always ahead of men in relational things…and so it began

That was 46 years ago…the most important decision we could ever make!
A miracle for us,…there’s no way we could have done that without the power of the HOLY SPIRIT reminding us every day
“ Have you done your reading today?”…we were both teachers of high school students…her in English and family studies…me in Math

As a math guy, I had 100’s of Q’s…and most of them were answered…I still have some that have not been answered, but expect them to be answered…one I’m dealing with now…Why did THE FATHER seem to be vicious and brutal in completely destroying cities, women and children etc?
This seemed so out of character as I had perceived Him…and why He has a bad reputation among non believers…answer to be forth coming!
Q…what was the Deep in Gen 1? Initially I thought it was the ocean…but that’s impossible, because the earth hadn’t been created yet( not until day 4)
Further searches put me in contact with a scientist ( who was searching as I was, but he had a PhD in astrophysics…) see Creation Ministries International…Russell Humphreys…
awaiting expansion and stretching…he and his team believe that the Deep was a huge ball of water that contained all the atoms and molecules for the whole universe, but hadn’t come together yet…currently best described as a White Hole ( a Black Hole …in reverse)…NOT A BIG BANG…BUT A WHITE HOLE!..see CMI ( above)
I see these events as a fulfillment of Dan 12:4
Enough for now

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Thanks Sean. That’s a question I’m asking. Yes, I’m still imperfect saint in this temporary earth.

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Thanks Neil.

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