Situation with Trangender

Hello everyone! I have a situation that I would appreciate your thoughts on. I am a teacher in training and recently have been getting ready for the school year to begin. I received a notice that a student who identifies as transgender is going to be in our class and it was requested by the legal guardian that we refer the student as “he”. The student is a girl to clarify. Is it wrong for me as a Christian to go along with this? I initially felt really uncomfortable with it.

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@Collins. Certainly, I will be in prayer with you regarding this conflict. I don’t have a clear answer for you but wondered if the manner in which you address your students could be elevated from the need for gender assignments?

I have heard some instructors only address their students by their last names. Or you could address all with the moniker of student (insert last name.) I wonder if it is possible to remove gender references from your instructions which would allow all students the same environment; without tasking you into the role of support for an agenda you are not comfortable with.

You most likely will find there is a certain amount of dishonesty in the guardian’s request. The request may be an effort to press you into political correctness or conflict that will allow them to bring legal action against you or the school. But if you provide the same environment for all students, you should be on safe legal grounds and comfortable moral grounds.

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I know you could probably get in trouble for this, but to avoid calling them by their actual pronoun or their prefered pronoun I would simply call them by their legal name. That can cause trouble if they go by a different name then their legal name, but it seems to be the safest bet in terms of sticking with your values as a Christian insofar as we are created in God’s image as, “male and female He created them.”

I’ve been in a DBT group where there were periods where there were lots of LGBTQ people in the Group Therapy and what I can say is that they are generally not going to explode on you if you simply treat them with respect. You actually find more problems from the people advocating for the LGBTQ community rather than the people who make up the LGBTQ community in my experience.


I think this guy can give better advice than I can. Lol

I was going to suggest Sam Allberry. I see that @Luna posted the video I was thinking of. He addresses this the best he can with some scripture that may help you. Bless your heart, that is a tough situation to be in and my heart goes out to you and this child, as well as their parents. I will be in prayer :pray: Please keep us posted :pray:

I think the safest option is referring to all your students by their legal surnames. If the student in question isn’t a believer then in their eyes they are living their lives how they want and there will be no consequences and who are we to judge or make them feel uncomfortable.

In the end it’s the school’s responsibility to put safeguards in place for students and teachers.