Siyanda Mthembu


I and from Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.
I basically Googled the words ‘speaking in tongues and meditation’, and the results I got were exciting, sensitive posts and comments on the subject. So I merely wanted to add my perspective and experience on the matter.

I am from KwaZulu-Natal, so I’m obviously Zulu. Being such I have a different perspective when it comes to the subject of spirituality. This is because of the diversity here. You get people who still practice their Zulu spirituality; you get people who Indian Hindi (one of my favourite people); you get people who have merged Zulu practices and Christianity; you get people liturgical churches, and you get Charismatic ones. As for me, I could enter into any one of the above, and still feel blessed.


Nice to meet you Siyanda :wave:t5:

I would love to hear your testimony about meeting Jesus Christ and how your walk with him has been.

Also I’m not familiar with Zulu. What is it all about?

Lastly what is your perspective on the gift of speaking in tongues .

Cant wait to hear your rich reply and experiences from South Africa :blush:

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Welcome aboard @Siyanda7_Mthembu. Glad you were able to find connect. I hope that you enjoy the discussions. I truly hope that your experience here will be enjoyable and educational. I look forward to hearing your background as well. I hope you are safe where you are. God-bless you and your journey.

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Hi @Siyanda7_Mthembu, welcome to connect. I trust that you will find connect a helpful place to continue learning and growing in knowledge and truth. I appreciate any insight you may have. Could you expound on “enter into any one of the above?” We have diversity here in America as well. I have had conversations with beautiful people who profess to be “spiritual” embracing all forms of religion, no particular one. Is that what you mean? Forgive any ignorance on my part. I would love to hear your thoughts :pray:t3:

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Hello Slyanda, what a lovely name if I may ask what does it mean? I am sure you have looked around the site and found much to engage with.
I trust all is well for you in this pandemic, please share the hope you find in Jesus as we build up and encourage each other. Be safe, be blessed, be loved as we move forward.

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Oh guys thanks a lot for your warm welcome. I believe that there is a lot we have to share with each other so that we can all contribute to the spiritually awakening society.

Alisha. Zulu is an ethnic group in South Africa. I speak Zulu as my first language, mother tongue (that sounds much better). So I grew up in a family much involved in the indigenous cultural practices (which includes ancestral ceremonies, ceremonial weddings, housewamings - the matter is that I grew up in an uncompromisingly Zulu environment); whilst also, on the other hand, we went to church - equally uncompromisingly. I was raised as a Methodist also known an Weslyens. Now the Methodist church is quite a liturgic church. Which means that they barely, if ever, indulge in things relating to ‘gifts if the spirit’ as they would in charismatic churches.

Nevertheless the community that I was raised in, and still live, is quite diverse in religion and culture, as well as race (of course). Anyway, so I was raised Methodist. Then one day whilst deep in prayer I felt my tongue go stiff, and it came as though there were an outpouring from above, to my head, and then my tongue…a tingling, then outburst of these ‘words?’, ‘syllables?’ maybe…but then who cares, and what does it matter, when in the midst of it all I can feel is this enormous amount of peace? Peace and connection the host high God, this is what I felt.
Now the thing was that I’m a Methodist, how crazy would it sound if one day during deep prayer they hear these ‘weird sounds’ that I’d make? I laughed at myself thinking about it.

I researched about it. I found that it is called glossolalia because it’s not a real language, they reckon. As opposed to xenoglossia where the practitioner would speak in a known language, that listeners would understand if they know the language being spoken. Research aside, at those times in my life I was lucky enough to be in a group of people who met and shared spiritual experiences without judging your background. We even had spiritual experiences with the group and explored these things. This helped me fill the void of not being able to communicate these things at the church I attended.

Now speaking in tongues. When this happens (I will speak for myself) you first stop listening to the words coming out of your mouth and you start listening to the feeling. Your focus moves from the outside environment and from the people around you, and you begin to focus on that familiar feeling of your personal relationship with God. As you focus on this feeling, your worries begin to shed, it is at this point where you start feeling the strain, worries, and stresses of others around you. Sometimes, not always, see things about their future.

Now here is something interesting. We (Zulu) believe in spirituality. So close attention is paid to people who are born with spiritual abilities, people like these sometimes go on to be iSangoma, a witch doctor. We call these people ‘abantu abanabant’wabadala’ meaningful ‘those who have an ancestral spirit’.
When/if these people go to any Charismatic church they are more prone to get spiritual gifts. They are sensitive to spiritual activity and crowded places (where a lot is happening).

Kelson Scott. Thanks. I am well and safe, I’m just worried about the economy in these times of the pandemic. More specifically, will I still have a job after this - if there is an ‘after this’. I hope you’re safe too.

Sieglinde. Thanks and hello. I hope some of what I said can open up the conversation enough.
Embracing all religions. Yes! That’s what I mean, I do hope that what I say won’t offend anyones cultures and religions. I want to see what others also have to say on spiritual matters because it appears to me that people are slowly recognising an aspect of self that cannot be filled with material things.

Hello Mike. Lol, you’re putting me and my sorry English on the spot here. Siyanda broken down is Si-y-anda, or simply Si-anda.
Si - means ‘we are’
Anda - means ‘growing’, think in terms of numbers/population.
So when my parents had me they said Siyanda, meaning ‘we (the family) are going’.
I hope some of what I said titillate your fancy…your fancy being your love for all things holy and eternal.

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Thank you for your helpful response. I pray that the economy and your health remain as good as possible. Thank you for your heart and your care.


I also attend a Wesleyan Denomination here in the Caribbean and can relate completely to what you said about receiving the gift of tongues .

It happened to me in a small gathering at church . Everyone was engulfed in worship and deep prayer . All I knew I was prostrate on the floor weeping and trying to talk , but English ( The only Language I know) was not coming out . It sounded like an Arabic language . I wept and wept and was overcome with joy and peace.

Happy to hear of your experience , but be sure to test every spirit and trust the Word of God for the ultimate truth concerning any matter . God does not go against what he has said .

I think in cultures where there is alot of exposure to the supernatural there is much more sensitivity to moves of the Holy Spirit.

Bless you my brother . Hope you enjoy your time here on Connect and Learn much.

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Welcome @Siyanda7_Mthembu to RZIM Connect. I am happy to meet you

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Thank you for taking the time to respond. I really appreciate it. Not offensive, this is why we are here :slightly_smiling_face:
So, if I understand you correctly, you believe there is truth in all forms of religion/spiritual practices, not just “one truth”?
If so, may I ask what you think of Jesus claim to be “The Way, The Truth and The Life, no one comes to the Father except through Me”(Jesus)? ~John 14:6
If all forms of religion are acceptable, and lead to God, why would only one of them have a Savior (Gods only begotten Son) die on a cross for our sins?
Again, forgive me if I have misunderstood anything. I am very interested in your thoughts?
Also, you may want to post your thoughts in the form of a topic to open up a conversation with more perspectives???
Take care🙏🏼