I’m from the Western U.S.
I joined because of the interesting things I read and the usually kind spirit in the conversations.
I hope to contribute by listening to and supporting others and maybe making posts if I have anything to offer. I did try to post already but it is still waiting for approval (six days) don’t know if that is normal, but am confident about getting to know how things work as we all go along.

Blessings to everyone.


Welcome Julia! There’s so much valuable insight on this forum I am certain all can benefit! God bless you.

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Hi Julia, welcome. Yes, there are many interesting topics here and the tone is very friendly and obliging.
I have already read one of your posts and also your question about Connect. Which approval do you still have to wait for? This New User Guide gives a good overview of all important topics to help you find your way around this site.


@skypilot Nice to meet you!

Hi Julia it’s good to meet you here on connect.
Feel free to share and glean as much as you can



Hi iDan. Thanks for your directing me to the New User Guide. I don’t think I looked at it as closely as I should. The price for rushing. The post was about Michael the archangel from a thread about SDAs. I imagine moderators examine things pretty closely so that’s good. I am feeling very welcome here already.



Welcome aboard @skypilot. It is good to have you joining us. And your willingness to engage is awesome. The site does take a little bit to get used to but in the end it is not terribly difficult either. Thank you for your interest and your care. God-bless you and your journey.


Hi @skypilot, it’s great to have you here :slightly_smiling_face: I’m thankful you found the kind spirit here :pray:t3: I trust you have been getting more familiar with how things work. I look forward to reading more from you as you engage in the conversations :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Julia @skypilot and welcome to connect. Keep exploring and engaging as you have the chance and you will see the marvelous transformation all round you. I am glad meeting you.
Grace and Love


Welcome Julia, :cherry_blossom:

There are many intriguing conversations on Connect and the communities goal, is to embody a spirit of kindness and welcome when it comes to ones’s questions :question: and thoughts. :thinking:

I do hope you have a chance to look over the New Users Guide that @iDan mentioned, it is truly helpful in navigating the Connect platform.