Slow start

(Donna) #1

Forgive me, I am fairly new to this forum and am still feeling my way through. To be honest I arrived here quite accidentally when my RZIM app was glitching, I deleted and when I re-downloaded I downloaded the Connect app. I am not very tec savvy and have been slowly feeling my way through.
I love that although we are strangers we are family and can support each other.
If I may, please pray that I might be a better example to my husband as I walk out my faith.
Please pray against the enemy who is trying to divide our family.
Please pray for my son Peter and his fiancé that they may come to know the Lord (my son is no longer sure God is real).

Thank you my brothers and sisters…

Lifting you up as I am able…

(Heidi Mitchell) #2

Hi Donna! So glad you accidentally happened upon Connect… I wouldn’t be surprised if God led you here for some much needed support and a place share :blush:
My initial thought was amazed at how strong you need to be for your family…it sounds like your husband may not be a Believer? And now your son may be walking away from faith? So sorry to hear this…and I can only imagine the burden you feel to hold everyone up in prayer. Thanks for reaching out, Donna. I will remember you in prayer. Please let us know if you need any prayer as things progress. :heart:

(Sieglinde) #3

Lord Jesus, thank you for leading us to a place where we can find support from one another. I lift this precious soul up to you for wisdom, love, strength and endurance to live out her faith before her loved ones. I pray this for all of us here. Give her the assurance that no matter how dire the situation looks, You are watching over her, her husband, her son and fiance. It is Your hearts desire that we all come to know You and to know how desperately You love us. “In everything, through prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, we have let our request be made known to You. Give us peace that surpasses all understanding.” It is hard for us Lord, because we are distracted by the peripheral. Help us keep our focus on You. Help us to trust You. All in Jesus Name, Amen.

(Tim Ramey) #4

You are in the perfect place. You didn’t fall into Connect with a crash but brought down slowly by loving arms to catch you.

I’m not sure if the forum that you refer to is Connect or the memorization/prayer group. I saw your name listed with those of us who receive weekly a post with the next 2 verses to complete our journey on memorizing the book of Colossians. In the next few weeks, we will have completed chapter 1.

Coinciding with the memory verses is a separate thread with the same name but only having the word “prayer” added to it. In this thread, we weekly list situations that we wish prayer for. It includes praises with the prayer’s answer as well as comments or questions on the subject.

We pray all week for the prayer requests but there is an especially precious time in the week where, on Mondays at 2 pm CST, we pray “together.” That is, at that time, so if in a different time zone, you’d adjust your time that would be 2 in the afternoon in the midwest on Mondays, you would pray with those praying at the same time.

Donna, if you have questions, shoot them our way.

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(Donna) #5

In a welcome post someone sent me a link to the Bible memorization group and so following this prompt, I clicked link without knowing how to navigate the site! So here I am and glad to be here, it is humbling to hear all that is happening in the Philippines and in the lives of those in the group, and I will come alongside as I can. God IS faithful! Unfortunately I work at 2 pm CST so unable to join the group at that time.

I have begun this week on the memorization verses.

Lord Jesus, thank you for your servant Jun, help him to rest in you and trust you fully to complete what you have begun. Bring healing Lord Jesus, in your precious name I pray - Amen.

(Tim Ramey) #6

Yayyyyyyyyyyyy Donna is here! The time thing is not the issue To be memorizing and praying together make for growth in Jesus. Donna, you’ll be amazed at how much those verses come into play in your life.

(Donna) #7

Amen :slight_smile:

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(Donna) #9

Hi Heidi,
My husband accepted Jesus as his Lord several years ago and was baptized a short while after, but he does not read the word.
I have to learn to let go of my family and let God, otherwise yes very burdensome.
God Bless you Heidi :slight_smile: