Hi everyone. New to connect. I’m a bi-vocational pastor from Georgia who has followed Ravi for years. My other profession is I own a barber shop. Looking forward to learning more from God’s word.


Welcome Pastor, it. Is a pleasure to meet you. Digging deeper into truth is great for all of us, look forward to your insight. Happy 2020


Welcome to Connect Joseph! We are so glad you could join us. I pray you are able to share your thoughts with us occasionally and that your time here learning is a blessing to you and those you pastor. :blush:


@Smitty775 Nice to meet you!

Welcome aboard @Smitty775. Glad you have joined connect. Love the concept of a pastoral barber :slight_smile: I bet you have some stories. Would love to read some of your anecdotal accounts on how your bivocation has impacted the kingdom. God-bless you and your journey

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Welcome, @Smitty775! So glad you are here!